Color healing for the inner wussy.


Pouting in the tan bathroom stall because someone didn’t like what you wore today could be a pivotal game changer for anyone dealing with an inner wuss.

Are you choosing to sulk in your victimized ego or are you going to toughen up and dare your scrawny ass to be brave by continuing to express your white washed jeans and vintage 80s sweater because it makes you feel edgy and artistically refined?

Somethings just are timeless beauties.

I am Bernard and that wuss crying in the bathroom was me in middle school.

My family didn’t have a lot of money so most of my belongings were hand-me-downs from clothing drives and thrift shops. Needless to say, I lived on the famous expression “beggars can’t be choosers.”

But I am here to tell you that you do have a choice.

The choice you have is to see life in color not black and white.

Stop painting your life in woeful shades and start flooding your canvas with vibrant neon intentions to live a better and a more beautiful life that’s stripped from other people’s expectations and your own misconceptions about what it means to be perfect.

I struggled with a hard core self-limiting belief system because those fears originated with my family and where I grew up but I have a choice today to break out of that social circus and radiate my true essence.  None of my success, accomplishments or connections could have been possible if it wasn’t for the healing powers of color.

Before you read any further, know that what I am about to say is not meant for weak-willed individuals who thrive on misery and self-loathing tactics to frolic the surface with fake attitudes and mindless banter. Color is not some autopilot mechanism you can abuse. So if you are looking for some coddled and fluffy nourishment to feed your ego then I will give you to the count of ten to change your intentions. Quick.

Yes, I’m counting.

The power of color

Color is a main ingredient added to our youthful arsenal to express how we feel. Emotions are essential to how humans relate to one another and there are many people today like Brene Brown that vouch for empathy and vulnerability.

Because relating to one another is imperative to our survival.

To express emotions openly or stand up for yourself authentically puts you in a vulnerable position. And like empathy, color works with survival in mind. Certain color schemes act as an indicators to warn, trick and soothe the energetics of a person, place or thing. Color can help someone or something adapt to conceal, protect and defend boundaries. Color can communicate, impress and beautify expression.

The power of color is to excite emotion and connect you to ultimate source.

Healing your wuss with two colors

What I’ve experienced along my journey through color and it’s effect on my spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies is profound. However dealing my inner wuss remains constant because it’s natural to feel fear.

The first color energy that healed a lack of self-acceptance is orange. The zesty fusion of being excited for who I am and the flooding waters of confidence to create a better life I owe it all to orange. I purchased an orange scarf in high school that encouraged me to accept my sexuality and embrace my creative identity.  I literally wore that scarf every day. It not only affected me but this contagious life force influenced my peers and mentors around me to feel happier. Frank Sinatra was speaking truth when he said orange is the happiest color!

The second color that I’ve been deeply attracted to but had I avoided over the years because I was afraid of what others would think or say is magenta. This catalyst color enticed the best parts of my truth to come out and own the stage. I devoted myself to Gabrielle Bernstein’s May Cause Miracles book, joined a soul path tribe, been overcoming my fears with pink since, and even feel rejuvenated every time I drink from my magenta colored glass. Seeing magenta reminds me to consciously choose love over fear at all costs.

Choose a different color

Numbing yourself to color, spirit and the magic of life is a one way ticket to living in a state of boredom and aggressiveness. Becoming mindful of color can help you overcome large and small obstacles. Choosing to write with a purple pen can make all the difference to how you feel about your work and life if you had decided to write with a black one like everyone else.

So the wuss pouting in the bathroom stall because someone took the time to notice isn’t all that bad once you are reminded of who you are and be willing to see the situation in an new light.

I intuitively see life situations in color and have been doing so for years and find many that struggle with healing all facets of their life for various of reasons but must tell you that these two colors (orange and magenta) are two mind-shifting colors I could never live without.

For the sake of your inner wuss, choose a different color and shine.

Until next time <3 :star: and :mrgreen:


p.s. Do you have color questions that need spiritual answers? Send an owl to be featured in my color advice column called Dear Color Mage.



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8 thoughts on “Color healing for the inner wussy.

  1. This was so great and inspired thank you so much for the unique share

    1. You’re welcome Mel! Thanks for commenting I hope you’re enjoying your day in COLOR!

  2. Thank you for sharing this~you are a light in my day!! Rock on in those beautiful colors! <3

    1. Angelina thank you!! <3

  3. Good colour combinations:) last I peformed on stage my costume was Orange, I was set on making it this unique combo of bright orange and shinu metallic. I paired it with maroon.
    Orange is such a game changing colour.

    1. Ohh Erin would that be blood orange?? Feels awesome to have you back here I’ve missed you!

      1. Funny you should say blood orange, I just got some from the grocery the other day 😀 no this Orange was just Orange lol. And for some reason my phone wants to give Orange a capital so must be important!

      2. Oh ORANGE in my opinion is the best color! LMAO! CAPS LOCK that to the moon and back!

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