Color for when you feel ugly


Happy New Year! It’s barely two weeks at home with this beautiful 2015 energy so how does it feel personally for you? As of late, I have been treading the new year successfully. Challenging others to open their heart centers more and start consciously choosing beauty with the help of my 14 day conquest of self-love through some delicious color magic + drawing.

The self-portraits that I absorb emotionally in our community provokes a serious, heartfelt and beautiful orb of vitality above all else. I am jealous that I don’t have the same talent as others.

It drives me mad to say but I stumbled upon this quick fable about Peacock losing center in his own beauty. This small tale of respecting true beauty spoke volumes to me in my time of feeling ugly and not being enough.

The Peacock considered it wrong
That he had not the nightingale’s song;
So to Juno he went,
She replied, “Be content
With thy having, & hold thy fool’s tongue!”
Do not quarrel with nature.

As you work through any self-worth issues and find yourself comparing your divinely created to another’s song turn to the magic of the Peacock’s complaint. Also working with peacock colors are my chosen color energies to master this year so the synchronicity of the message is gorgeously magical.




peacock scheme


EGG BLUE – Helps denote empathy with one’s true self.
NAVAL SUIT – Establishes honorable respect in crowds.
PLUM – Grounds the ego to place the higher self on a pedestal.
OLIVE GREEN – Purifies energy for solidarity and peace.
SHORELINE – Refines justifying your purpose in this world.

Until next time <3 :star: and :mrgreen:

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