Color Clarity: What to do with the color purple.


I’ve been trying really hard to pay more attention to color and the visual aspects of energy and I’ve noticed in meditation and dreams Im really drawn to purples especially violet purples. The only thing I can seem to connect it to is my crown and third eye chakra. Any suggestions on what to do with this? – Michael 

Dear Michael,

You’re absolutely right about connecting the color purple to your crown and third eye chakras. The color purple is a spiritual color that often times is associated with magic and the Divine creator.

What I love to do with the color purple is to wear it!

Purple invigorates the heck out of me (quite literally) when I push my chest out into the world wearing my purple shirts or my awesome color glasses, I feel more connected to my higher self.

Try wearing the color purple for the next week. Really feel into it throughout your day and be open to what it says in your sleep. You can even keep an ametrine crystal in your pocket to boost your color power + purple awareness!

Purple of any shade is here to improve your overall vision and aid you in listening to your divinely inspired intuition.

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2 thoughts on “Color Clarity: What to do with the color purple.

  1. That reminds me, I so want to get those glasses. Just have to decide on a pair or combo lol. Oh and get more contacts so I can wear them.

    1. Erin you should take a pic of your glasses and let me know!

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