Clear your money karma teleseminar

Firefly, I have a hot resolution this year and it’s about owning my independence. Money is a huge concern for me as I don’t come from the richest of households, however I am grateful to have the love to make up for it.

Trying to break the ice in my community about spirituality and holistic living is a challenge especially since this coal mining region is a bit stale, but I have met other fireflies just like you that are choosing to live a better and healthier life. So, I know there is hope!

Soul of Wealth: Clear Your Money Karma, an exciting online event is happening January 16 at 8:30 pm EST. The benefit that I love from it so far is learning how to break free from our subconscious dollar sign blocks. (Totally need this!) I will be in attendance and Kari (the host of it) is a doll. I first met her on YouTube and loved her happy perky self that I have her in my newsfeed under Powerful Peeps.

Last night, I was messaging her on Facebook (we are friends now) and turns out she is from Pittsburgh! That made my night! Those three rivers are known to have some powerful energetic connections, so glad I went there for college.

The teleseminar cost is $25 but you are not only helping Kari out, you will be helping me out as well. I will be getting some of the proceeds since I referred you (the benefits of an affiliate). So, I think it would be quite delightful if you went and checked out the event to learn more about clearing those karmic ties that may keep you from being your best! You never know, your family or town could have subconsciously influenced you like mine did.

Now,  I’m working to get out of this rut.

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