Chiron in Aries For the Next 9 Years What It Means For Your Mood

Well, I felt the hit of our Chiron in Aries transit yesterday. I cried for no reason and every reason. This crybaby facet of me just came out. I had no control over the emotions. It was effortless to feel.

I even found this blue violet apothecary jar most magical and cried over making a sweet potato. Chiron is positioned differently per your birth chart so the meanings vary per person. However, the lesson is universal. Finding the cure to your own corruption. Which isn’t always easy but usually the cure is buried deep within compassion.

Aries energy is curt, abrupt, isolated in their own individualism, and ruggedly fierce when it comes to fighting for solo and group autonomy. The next 9 years will define the elementary building blocks for new political movements like Democratic Socialism. On a personal scale, you’ll be keen on focusing on improving your place in the great collective and how it helps scale our evolution track as a species. With our communication more instant, information is passed quicker than decades prior. Aries loves fast hasty impulsive fiery notes. Speed, acceleration, and defying the gravity of Earth is what will make or break us as a society and a species.

Chiron was in Pisces to teach us the lessons of continental drift in our own consciousness. Slow progress. Almost lethargic movement helped us refine our skills, but now we have to put our theories into action. And getting hurt is part of the process to heal and avoid future fallout. I can smell gunpowder on the horizon and it’s an astrological stage for war. If you lived life always in the comfort of Piscean pleasure, you wouldn’t learn how to pick up the pace when you need to survive. Chiron in Aries is going to help you create your own survival kits and test the art of your own medicine. What skills will you bring to the table for the next 9 years?

The shadowy aspect (yes there’s more) is that humans have been self-destructive. Killing others. Shooting innocent unassuming people in public places. The Divine Feminine energy takes no joy in the jealousy of the small and limited ego of toxic masculinity. More casualties are to be had if we don’t every single day practice compassion and true warrioresque valor. You don’t need a war to validate your pride. You can carry the shield of holy light in your heart. Chiron in Aries will be your personal and professional crusade to not convert haters and opponents. It’s not about fighting for factions or picking political candidates based on ideologies. It’s about licking our wounds, swallowing our pride, and choosing innovation over idiotic institutionalized racism, corruption, and treason on the human spirit.

Chiron was last inĀ AriesĀ from 1968 to 1976.

This may resemble much civil unrest and choice in the identity of our future. There are aspects of government, military, school districts, and corporations that have gone unnoticed. It’s not about physically hurting people in order to make a change or teach a lesson. It doesn’t have to mean war. We can uphold universal healthcare and wealthcare for every single person without blood being spilled.

Toxic masculinity is a festering wound that without its assault weapon feels weak. Displaced. Fearing it will be consumed by a culture foreign to itself. But alas, change is the only constant. And change is what we must embrace in order to provide for the collective as well as ourselves in kind. Aries energy gets a bad rep for being selfish. But in actuality, Aries energy speaks to everyone’s personal needs and happiness set points. Some struggles are admirable. But the way that world is today, this Chiron transit is going to rally reinforcements to retribute lost resources. I’m so hopeful about this because your individual needs will be taken care of. You are entitled to healthcare and wealthcare.

So who are you without your pain story? Who are you without a clearly defined culture? Who are you when you’re fearless, brave and upfront about love?

However you answer, know that how you answer this will change, grow and become more textured over the next 9 years.

Let’s stick this out together, in love, light, and color.

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