Cheerios is ‘Just Checking’ on your heart

Zooming in on things is unhealthy

by Bernard-Charles

While watching my morning routine of television talk shows, The View fired up a spark in me over the Cheerios commercial featuring an interracial couple to demonstrate love. After the show, I pondered what real love is anyway — are we supposed to believe that this commercial is selling more than those grainy ohs?

Perhaps the bottom line is cereal and dollar signs, but when you boldly end it with love. That says something. The pro-love commercial was so heated in debate reports The Huffington Post that the comments section on the YouTube video was closed. Comments even on the cereal’s Facebook page got hate too.

The public opinion is bold and straightforward. I even got my own hate to deal with from the online community because my talent isn’t as easy to understand as jumping rope with your butt or filling your neck with quarters.  What makes a cereal commercial any different?

Being different and unique is something people fear. This fear is derived from how we were taught and brought up to live in this world. My immediate reaction to watching this commercial wasn’t zoomed on the fact this was a white woman and black man. It was the end result of innocent love that the child has for her family. This innocent intention of love is commonly lost and that’s what people are afraid of the most.

To talk about race is ridiculous because it’s just another illusion to separate us all as a whole. We all are one and deserve love. The same goes for same-sex love. Do not let religion, government, or other people talk you away from pure child-like love. I bet through an act of God this commercial is just checking on your own ability to recognize and act for love.

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