Certified in meditation for real

Meditation certification photo
You can meditate anywhere and at anytime.

Awesome news is happening in my world! This week I completed my course in meditation and officially can say I am certified in meditation.

I used Ed2Go.com through a host university that you are able to choose. I paid the university to enroll in the class and that’s all! No books or additional products required. All the lessons and exams were open to me whenever I chose to access it. It was truly a work at your own pace sort of deal. Which to my comfort, I enjoyed harnessing my self-discipline.

Overall, the course was open book if you wanted to choose that, but I decided that this is about learning and so I stayed at my computer and took notes through out my experience. The exams were multiple choice and true and false. After completing all the exams, an evaluation form to rate the class was promtped before  you could download your certificate.

The course has been provided by ALLEGRA Learning Solutions, LLC a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

With this certification I am now able to apply my knowledge of mindfulness as an instructor and coach for meditation. I accept clients from around the world as we can Skype or meet in person to work on optimizing your happiness and health in relation to meditating.

Mindfulness just got real!


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