Certified Crystal Healer

Oh, yes!

Bernard is officially certified in crystal healing thanks to Margaret Ann Lembo, author of Chakra Awakening: Transform Your Reality Using Crystals, Color, Aromatherapy & The Power of Positive Thought. For a five hour workshop at Journeys of Life in Shadeyside, Bernard and his executive board for The Human Element, a newly found student group on campus devoted to love and acceptance, entered a realm of Universal Laws, Color, Chakras, Crystals, and Aromatherapy. All basics that are mentioned in Chakra Awakening. (Purchase the book by clicking on the image)

The new age shop was lit by the early morning light and as we got out of the taxi cab, I knew instantly that this place would become my new safe haven away from trouble and despair. We entered the store like any other store, but something seemed to wash us clean. It eventually became a hot spot for all walks of life like ourselves to come and learn about the ancient ways as the bustle of the day awakened even more. After we checked ourselves in for the Crystal Healing workshop, I noticed just how fun, vibrant, and miscellaneous everything looked. But as I quickly assimilated to the cosmic air there was indeed a method, an order, to where everything was placed. There was a Halloween section, Egyptian section, candles, oils, salt lamps, and my favorite… crystals!

I plummeted to the ground immediately when I saw the assortment of crystals and gemstones. I later learned in the class that we can use those terms interchangeably, thank goodness because I was wondering if there was a difference. It is all about your preference. We always have choices as it was clearly stated by our teacher. Well, there were your common crystals like quartz and amethyst to your more intricate structures like pyrite and lapis lazuli snuggled in their little plastic compartments. All fairly priced I will say, which made me even more giddy with joy. Everyone in the group was flowing to every place in the store and it remained that way until we had to go.

After we browsed the store of every nook and cranny we could find, it was time to meet the one and only Margaret Ann Lembo and let our minds soak up her wisdom and knowledge that she carries from all over the world. Like a stream of energy each participant walked up the stairs, but this time the sight of books, tarot decks, magazines, and light hugged our eyes and even mine as big as they were from seeing a new floor could not pull from the gripping sight of books. Another money snatcher from my wallet. I just love my books.

Because there was no time to stop and sniff out the best books, I and the gang went to the classroom that was conveniently located next to a little kitchen and the bathroom. Time just evaporated after that and light poured into all our souls and the room was filled with peace and love. Something quite extraordinary to experience in a room full of strangers. But us being in that room on that very day, could mean that we’ve interacted with those beings before just in a different lifetime. so are they really strangers?

I’ve learned about the universal laws of everything being energy and energy vibrating. Thus in turn everything affecting everything else. I also learned more in depth that we have an aura which is made up of our past lives, memories, and chakras. Chakras were described in class like spinning wheels of light that actually don’t stick out like cones in front of your body, but like a hoola hoop around your body. This was a pretty sight to feel. Like any pretty sight, usually there is color. Color was mentioned in great detail, because each chakra has a different color and there are 7 chakras.


Navel Orange

Solar Plexus Yellow

Heart Green/Pink


Third EyePurple


This bond between chakras and color pave the way to match specific crystals to each chakra. Margaret did a very good job in teaching us how to remember the crystals and in what ways they can be used for healing based on chakra teachings. For example, if you are in a situation where you need to work with someone or some people you would rather not soak up or digest their draining energies, then wear or surround yourself with the crystal of amber. This gemstone clearly defines what is your space and what is theirs. Because we are all vibrating energies, some of us are overly powerful than others. In using amber along with the Solar Plexus chakra which is about ingesting life both physically and spiritually this combination will help you balance the situation to deter any negativity.

Even though the class must end at some point, I was really moved to purchase Chakra Awakening, Smudge in Spray (a helpful mist to banish negativity), and a little vial of Auntie M’s Anti (natural anti-Bernard-Getting-Sick tool) all part of Margaret’s product lines to help people transform their own realities. I did get a chance to talk with her one on one and she immediately sensed my passion and drive and interesting enough she was swept away when I told her I am aspiring to become a talk show host.

“Will you let me be a guest on your show?” She asked. I did not have my business cards at the time, so I made a cute makeshift card and wrote down that she was amazing and yes she will be welcomed to come onto my show. I only allow genuine and life changing people to come on, so of course she fits the bill. The experience is worth posting on The Bernard Charles Show because it is another example of how my personality just shines through wherever I go. I know it will get me to where I need to be because even Auntie M. herself said so…

“Bernard, Unlimited potential and your powerful dynamic personality will catapult you to great heights! Blessings, Margaret Ann Lembo”

For more information about Margaret Ann Lembo and her products please visit www.margaretannlembo.com

10 thoughts on “Certified Crystal Healer

  1. wow..Very nice post my friend ..i think his was such an amazing information on Crystal Healer..Thanks …

    1. Thank you for reading. Positive thoughts all the way!

  2. It was so much fun! 😀 I loved experiencing this! And you told the story very well 🙂

    1. Rebecca, it was great to take you along for the journey! I want to do more things like this for people.

  3. Hi Bernard,
    I was also at the workshop and had a wonderful time. Margaret is very inspiring. She definately gave me a kick in my spiritual ass which is exactly what I needed!
    Wanted to let you know you have great energy and I enjoyed your sense of humor. You were delightful to share that space and class with.

    1. Awe, Jan thanks so much for you comment! It was an amazing time to be there and I look forward to more workshops and events to come. 🙂 Hope to see you again.

  4. This was such an amazing experience! I feel just better in my life after going to this workshop and learning these things about myself. Especially about radiating out positivity. It was life changing!

    1. Thank you Hannah for your positive thoughts. It meant so much to me to see that you came and you took a lot from the experience. Thanks for commenting also!

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