Dallas coffee shop brews stress-less support group in NEPA with local meditation coach

Whether you are an avid coffee drinker or new-age tea-sipper in Northeast Pennsylvania, stress is bound to grind your gears but you aren't alone. Yulia Carron, small-business owner and lifetime coffee-enthusiast at European Coffee House has joined forces with certified meditation instructor, Bernard Charles to host a monthly support group starting on April 23, 2014 at 6pm to curb the region's [...]

A handy DandyBlend review

One of the 7 colors for Thanksgiving is indeed yellow and I could not think of a better way to use that energy today than to post a review about my new favorite coffee substitute, DandyBlend. This happy herbal instant drink mix is perfect for the gloomy weather currently covering the Northeast. There is snow [...]

Win my Thanksgiving eBook

A season to give for me is everyday really, but this time of the year the giving vibrations are heightened across the globe so I am excited to tell you that Catch A Falling Star by Renee Avard invited me as a guest on her blog giving me the chance to talk about my holiday stress [...]

Soul Path Tribe creates online magazine

August issue features me and Ishtar by Bernard-Charles When you listen to your spirit deeply and do what it tells you, magical things occur. That's the case for founder of the Soul Path Tribe, Lyn Thurman as she wrestled with the idea of creating her very own magazine centered around the monthly Goddesses that are featured [...]

Day 17 ‚Äď Connecting with Goddess Demeter

Inner Goddess Revolution: Spiritual consumption by Bernard-Charles Yesterday's revolution mission was to find the beauty that our bodies possess. Today we focused on diet and how it too can boost our inner goddess. Food is a highly revered tool in many cultures and traditions. We all feast on certain types of dishes that usually come once [...]

Day 2 ‚Äď Connecting with Goddess Rhiannon

Inner Goddess Revolution: Claiming my thrown by Bernard-Charles Practicing self-love is at the core of my being and most people take it as conceit because of my grandiose personality. Striving for an ultimate exchange of energy is one of my higher standards. Goddess Rhiannon's story really connects with me because the King calls out to her [...]