Getting a card reading when you feel like giving up can be the very thing your heart and head needs right now. It’s by getting a reading that you gain more clarity and insight. You surrender to deeper truths that out weight the excuses and fears your ego makes up.

When I find myself giving up on love or cutting off the connection I have with my higher self for whatever earthbound reason, I lean into my color therapy practice. It’s in this practice that I find the greatest joy and can use my magic to rise out of my despair. It’s never about controlling others. This practice is a way of being that allows everyone’s true colors to simply exist – exactly how they are meant too. In every shade and variance of light, we humans are kaleidoscopic and have to accept it as we have accepted the land, sky, and sea.

This reading made me reflect on my own struggles with love because I know I am love. Yes, my words are curt and crass at times. Yes, I judge smokers. Yes, I don’t think the majority of the human population needs any more babies when we can’t even get the current US administration on board about fundamental human rights. But guess what, my judgemental bitchy self- I am love. It would do the world a disservice to deny myself love because I wouldn’t be who I am. I wouldn’t care about the world. I would salute murderers and dictators. I would probably become a pompous arrogant narcissistic asshole on Twitter playing mind games with the media because that’s what a Gemini in false-power and false-pride love to do. Play mind games.

Even with all that dirt, we don’t give up. Love is relentless. Love is stubborn. Love is resilient when it comes to being raped by fear. Love never dies. Love doesn’t give up. Love pushes through the deepest shadows and finds that fluttering essence of arcane power called hope.

It’s in this book, where I learned my greatest gift of hope as a millennial.


There are certain things we can’t ever fold on. Love is one of those things I can’t give up on. It’s not about excusing your attackers, abusers or apathetic political administrators. Invalidating your pain or struggle. Ignoring serious crimes. This is about enhancing self-respect and letting love transform your entire paradigm. And it starts by stop viewing the world as a sacrificial lamb ravaged by a wolf in sheep’s clothing and begin seeing it as a world that creates comprehensive compassion reform. Give into the world that has clean oceans, more generosity, more service, and above all more love.

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