When we feel the imbalance, unhappiness, and anger we sometimes don’t always realize the deeper message behind feeling stuck. Chained to our pain. Why me, we cry out, longing for answers. This is a great time to get a card reading as it’s useful in pointing us toward different truths often contrasting the assumptions and perceptions of our ego.

We as a culture have learned to accept conspiracies, atrocities, and corruptions as normal. Numbing our innocence through satire and cynicism. We often force ourselves to stop feeling our life. Sacrificing our hopes, dreams, and desires because we’re used to living in a world that mocks the happy and mourns the martyr. We’re addicted to abuse. Catastrophes and chaos often pull some of us out of the cave and into the light. Forcing us to face fear. Innovate our identity and grow for the greater good. For others, the damage is too great and self-esteem too low to care so they grovel in grief. Giving up before the miracle takes place.

It’s been two months since I left that office job where I wiped tables, counted paper supplies and found myself awkwardly being complacent in other people’s low impressions of our city and our country. I also found real gems. People that are part of my world and I’m proudly sitting on top of their altar in their home. I sacrificed that job because I realized things were never going to change in the way they needed too but I can change. By taking myself out of my limited environment and looking for a better-suited position (along the lines of digital marketing aka what I went to school for) for a company with more to offer not only for me financially but the community at large. More hands making a difference.

I’m also sacrificing my apartment I had for the last two years as I’m honestly tired struggling to keep this ship afloat financially. So I’m choosing not to renew my lease and instead meet the Universe’s abundance in a new way. Maybe the new place will have a dishwasher! I had some great interviews these past few weeks (all better for my brain and budget), but no offers yet. So I have this month and next to keep putting myself out there and should nothing come thru in Pittsburgh, I’m open to relocation. I understand that settling for less than opportunities makes sense for the short term, but long term the sacrifices we make tend to fester creating more resistance and dis-ease.

For now, I’m giving it more time to manifest and open to miracles. I hope you enjoy the reading (watch it below), it’s a great conversation with my soul and your soul.


It’s in this reading and after diffusing sage essential oil that I’ve come to pull some wisdom out of the dis-ease we experience when we find ourselves sacrificing more than we should in our jobs and at home.  There comes a time when you declare unapologetically enough is enough. It may take 8 months or it could span over decades, but you have the power to break out of your brainwashing. You have the power to overcome adversity. You have the power and the authority to define your destiny. You are the power you need to turn the light on and sometimes it takes time and a bit of chaos for you to find the switch.

How we think and what we do to feel the way we want to feel matters. Salvation isn’t just a religious buzzword. It’s a way of peace, discernment of power, and a sacred promise that you’re never unworthy or too humble for happiness at work and home. No more sacrificing your smiles or pretending to be a bitch because you’re reaching for boss status. Ain’t nobody got the time for that. Reclaim it.

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