As humans, we all want to feel certainty, love, and safety. But life doesn’t always go according to our plans. Sometimes we’re hit with challenges so dense that it shakes the foundation of our faith. Our confidence and power to prevail is put into question. Are we being punished for ending up in a dark place?

In today’s card reading (watch the video below), I share colors to help us understand how we can encourage more faith, direction, and guidance when things fall apart. Change is essential to embracing our evolutionary potential as a species. The caterpillarĀ turns into the butterfly through metamorphosis. And it’s this transformational process like so many other forms of change that happen in darkness. The identity of the chunky caterpillar melts inside the chrysalis and a new life breaks free from this coffin of change. When things fall apart and you’re caught in emotions late at night, the light of your truth is present. Inviting you to step into your potential. You then become an active participant in your human voyage.


We all learned to live on the edge of expectations and when life falls short of that, disappointment, hopelessness, invisibility, shame, blame are triggered allowing fear to freeze us in our tracks. Forcing us to forget our true divine nature. We do have the power to control how we respond to crisis and conflict. We don’t have to be Elsa, concealing what comes so naturally. Sometimes we do reach a point in ourselves and have to let it all go. Allow the power of who we are and what we want in life to be expressed.

During these dark times, protection is key for you as indicated by the reading. So I do recommend getting smokey quartz crystals and working with white angelica essential oil to assist you in feeling more grounded and safe during this period of transformation. Because butterfly, no boogie is gonna get you.

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