Here’s a card reading for the new moon in Gemini. It’s your time to get a haircut despite what your mom says, roleplay your imagination, or reinvent the relationship between heart and head. Old forgotten loves may find a loophole in your defenses and reemerge only to remind you of your wild side.

During a new moon, the lunar cycle is reset to offer us a space to readjust and reflect on what’s important to us. Gemini energy is all about the words we use to prickle reactions from people. Don’t be coy this new moon, be colorful. As you watch the reading (it’s below) I want you to think of ways to add the colors to your life. Only by applying the color will you be able to shift your energy for the higher good.


It’s through your actions and words that accelerate you forward into a better version of yourself, or it can have the opposite effect leaving you wondering why you keep ending up with these fools or falling into these traps. Use the new moon to spice up your dating, love-making, and co-creating. I already am in love with carnelian crystals and my lady sclareol oil. It’s triggering ancient connection in my intentions and productivity. I feel inspired to unleash all this pent up creative fire. I’m enjoying these Goddess Isis meditations to explore past life regression. Finding those pieces of my love scattered across the world.



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