Busting out the card deck for this card reading on using color around you to make the next move. We all be thirsty for the next great chapter in our life. But it can be a struggle to get to where we wanna be. That’s why I pulled out my color card deck and got to shuffling.

Immediately the reading revealed how we are justifying our stuck in a rut attitude. Then it unwrapped a solution by taking our focus off the struggle bus and putting our attention on the magic mobile of manifesting. It requires us to be open to learning new things about ourselves and the world in which we live. The reading is guiding you to reformulate your approach and go back to the drawing board to hash things out. It’s not so much calculating the exact right path but it is about getting clear on the upgraded version of yourself. The best you is there, we just need you to put all that theory into practice and get results.


And follow it we shall.

After the reading, I meditated with some ocean jasper that spoke to me along with diffusing clarity essential oil. Doing this offered me so much more than mindfulness. I listened to this meditation album by Alana Fairchild. All of it – holding the crystal, smelling the oil and listening to the wisdom of Rumi expand my heart’s magnetic frequency pushed me out of my own beastly worldview and sat me down in a meadow of lush dewy dreams for myself and what I could offer to others. Not just professionally but personally. How can I love for love’s sake. How I can raise children. How I can bake endless divine sweet treats. I let go of the righteous indignation that’s been poisoning my perception of prosperity and surrendered to a ripe ocean soaked version of my real identity.

My next move? Buckle up and do the damn laundry.

Make the move.

Assert my ascension.

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