I love when a card reading takes me back to feeling a sense of peace, balance, and home. Balancing your chakras with color means you don’t limit it to crystals and expensive singing bowls. You can easily use color in your life with the pure intent of bringing more balance (not neutrality) in your career and life. That’s harmony and it often lives in your heart chakra.

Even during wild weather and overtly obnoxious media clapbacks¬†the modern day hysteria can make you feel like your whole existence is only to put out fires and dodge any ounce of peace. But there’s a new way to live and to connect with the Divine in all its majesty. Beyond the borders and political limitations, this planet is home to every plant, human, and animal. We thrive in an ecosystem and restoring balance is about harmonizing and aligning the old with the new. We’ve come so far to embrace diversity and cultures. We’ve come so far to acknowledge that your zip code doesn’t define your destiny. We’ve come so far to explore that living abundantly can happen to anyone and everyone. This is the way.

Earth is a sanctuary and Danielle LaPorte is hosting an Earth Adoration class, you can sign up yourself (and a friend too) over here at It’s gonna for sure reconnect you to creating more peace on Earth through breath, affirmations, soul speak and journaling. It may even inspire you to see your city, town or home in a new way like my book, Rainbow Revolution.

The colors in today’s reading are heavy on the heart and how our upsets whether it’s losing a loved on, missing out on a job, or taking a dip in health is not the be all end all for our soul. For 13 years, I’ve traveled my own soul path, connecting with people along the way and weathering some awful storms. Doubt blindsides me and I find myself in the dark. But even with all the rocky expectation climbing, I’ve managed to take time to nourish my spirituality by sitting with my younger and future selves. Picking their brains on their dreams and passions. Asking us what we can do to feel more peace and love. Sometimes the answer is to let go and let God.

I’ve been living on my own for 2 years and although it’s a short period of time, it’s given me the peace of mind and clarity in how I see myself. I’ve always wanted to live on my own and now that I have – I know I can do it. I’m not lazy or a mooch. I never was. Other people may judge you and overly criticize your journey, offering unsolicited advice to boost their ego and lessen the authority of your own light. I’ve allowed these people and situations far too much space in my head.


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