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My search still continues.  That’s right. My search for what? Well, my search in this blogging universe. I am so excited that blogging exists. Really! Thrilled! I feel like blogging enables people to write their hearts away and create stories that so many can adapt to and learn from. Even more, blogging is so great for me because it is free! Unless you choose to purchase a domain and extra space, but that’s beside the point. The point is at no other costs blogging is free for you and me. Gosh, I wonder if veteran bloggers forget that their efforts are free for other people? Generally speaking people do forget and and become ignorant of the freebies in life. Right now, you did not think of this while reading this post but you are breathing in the wonderful air. Air is what we need to live, but we don’t pay attention to it all that often because well–its there.

I have come a across a lot of really cool blogs like, Chick Named Hermia, The Positivity Blog, Today is That Day, and some other sites that just tickle my fancy.

Well I feel that I can add to the blogging world too! I am just in the process of finding a niche. Now, I know that many of you believe that you don’t need a niche to really fall into to just blog, I hear ya! However, for me to feel like I am impacting my audience I want to be able to offer something specific. I find that my writing isn’t humorous enough to fall into that satirical ironic category of blogs. I don’t have that kind of perception on the world. I would say your niche is also what your perception on the world is.  I am developing that as I go, but I am leaning more so on the reflective, How-To, and explanatory side of blogging. I see myself teaching people and offering education rather than really making my day look funny or putting on a show about how pitiful my day was. There is a lot to offer and I am just in the beginning stage again of blogging.

I started off browsing the web and posting about my findings. But I did not read any other blogs. I haven’t even thought about doing some research before writing and I trailed off into my own selfish world. Well, I have a new outlook on this blog0sphere and it’s time for us bloggers to stick together!

I am happy to help too! Need a blogger? 😀

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