Virtual Yule Parties and Wishes

Hey everyone! Thanksgiving seems like it is long gone and now we can adjust our scopes to the Yule season. I would like to share with you that I am participating in 2 Blog Parties: Astraea Sapphire’s Almanac– Yuletide Blessings and The Village Witch– Yule Magic. They are on the right hand side of the blog. If you have a blog and love the mystical season of winter then I encourage you to sign up by clicking on the badges ( yes the fancy artsy images under my handsome face). Wait! You do not know what blog parties are? Well, heavens! We shall fix that.

A blog party is simply a blogger’s delight to encourage fellow bloggers and internet users to become¬†acquainted¬†with other blogger’s work by hosting a virtual party, commonly with a specific theme or purpose! A blog party usually consists of having a post announcing/inviting people to join the party, a blog party badge that redirects the internet user back to the host’s blog (some are simple and some rather creative), and finally a way for people to blog hop (yeah, kinda like bar hopping). On my other blog, I participated with Witch-Blog’s¬†blog party called The Real Witches of Halloween. Witch-Blog hosted the party for the whole month of October. Depending on the duration, you can make an individual post for each day telling your readers to go to the participating blogger’s site. Or you can set up one master list and on a specific day, bloggers and internet users may click on the various blog participants and start soberly blog hopping.¬†

Being a participant is pretty simple. In order to join a blog party, you usually take the host’s badge provided and post it to your own blog. From there you can comment back on the host’s page and tell them you wanted to join. After that you can start your post for the blog party. Depending on what the host wants will determine what your post should be about. I can assure you that blog party hosts have all the details needed in their initial blog party post. So it isn’t too scary.

I think it is a cute way for bloggers to get traffic, comments, readership, and establish networking among people who have similar interests and tastes. So, I have my blog posts all scheduled for the blog parties! So come back and check it out!

 Also I am pleased to share with you that I have finished my Christmas wish list and it is online for you to see what sort of interests I have. I enjoy creating Christmas wish lists because it helps me tailor and see what my own interests are and I can see a personality in it.

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