Black and Blue Friday

Hey There.

Well I do hope Thanksgiving was a nice treat to all of you.

Hmmm, now Friday it is.

Black Friday is a BIG shopping day for Americans across the Nation. YIKES!

People do get hurt in those tidal waves of people crashing into the stores and swiping with all their might. Amazing how far people would go to get a good deal.

Just to let you folks know, I have not been to a Black Friday mosh pit yet. But it would be an interesting sight to cover.

Reading a CNN article online, Sears spokesmen Tom Aiello reported that

“Snuggies are selling fast for $9.99 at out Kmart stores,”

“And our layaway section is jammed. People are buying the special deals and putting them on layaway.”

Snuggies, Oh My. I just might get one before they go extinct!

Amazing, shoppers are truly using their brains on how to shop. Getting more and placing items on layaway to pay off little by little before Christmas.

Well there you have it, I hope no one got hurt in the process of snuggling up with these great deals!

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  1. Aaron has threatened to buy me a snuggie for Christmas. Eww! Is there a reason that I can’t be warm and fashionable at the same time?

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