Bing Crosby more than Christmas music

Spontaneity in Synchronicity

by Bernard-Charles

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I don’t know about you, but those awesome holiday jingles and tunes are making me extra cheerful this season. Not to mention, that my motivation to still pursue my dream-job is flying full force underneath the covers of graduation because of Regis Philbin and inadvertently Bing Crosby.

Last weekend, I went out Christmas shopping and decided to buy a book that was rather impulsive and selfish in nature. The book I chose to get was Regis Philbin’s “How I Got This Way”. I remembered that Philbin was still deciding on a book title when he was hosting Live. The show even asked Facebook fans on what the title should be, and I do remember suggesting a title, but silly me I forgot.

The book was on the table and I rummaged through my mind if I had enough money for it. Then it hit me that I had to read this book and knew that my intuition was talking. OKAY, it was screaming that this book would help me understand what my next course of action should be in becoming a national television talk show host. I did read plenty of books on Ellen, Whoopi, and Oprah so why not add a male to my collection.

Yes, good ole Regis was my only favorite male talk show host, but along comes Anderson! Needless to say, Anderson is hovering in limbo still because of ratings and that he hasn’t called me. All I’m saying, is that we could have worked really well together. I would balance that mental energy with my passionate energy. A young cute lil Bernie sidekick! Anyway, I bought Regis’ book without hesitation and that night I read the first chapter.

regis philbin book photoThe book retells much of Philbin’s story of how he became who he is today hence the title. I am always preaching to friends, colleagues  and strangers about the importance of the journey as oppose to the destination and here is a book that does that. Soon, I hope to captivate people with my journey in a book too. It’s been my story that keeps people believing in me or so I think. I do so much that it’s hard to keep track of how I inspire people and why they adore me. Ah! Enough about me and Regis being like twins. Philbin tributes each chapter to specific people that has made an impact on his life and the chapters are not long at all by the way –something that makes reading this book nightly so much fun. A chapter a night keeps those broken-dream nightmares away.

I am still reading this book and am very open to Regis’ passion for sports and find myself chuckling most of the time because you would not believe the gumption that Young Regis had, well if you watch him on TV then you would believe it. His personality has not changed and neither has his first seed of inspiration.

The first chapter of the book is dedicated to Bing Crosby and I knew he was a singer as this was made clear in the book. But, this afternoon I was listening to Christmas music online and saw that Bing Crosby was the artist singing White Christmas. I just looked outside my window and smiled. The connection of synchronicity was so perfect in time. Obviously, this isn’t a world changing occurrence and people just know of Bing Crosby, but in reading Regis’ book I know that Bing was his first entertainment inspiration. Much like how Ellen DeGeneres is mine. Well contrary to the season, Bing Crosby does have other songs other than White Christmas and reading this book helped expand my awareness. I gave a moment of respect for the connection to seep into my brain and to enjoy this feeling. It was liberating to connect the dots and to feel why Regis chose such an admirable character to emulate his strength.

Like I said, I am still reading the book and finding little reminders of my dream along the way. So, if you wanted to keep up with my neat A-HA moments while I read the book, or if you’re reading it too then you should follow me on GetGlue. We can check in and comment on some awesome Regis quotes.



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