Better in Color

You better hair toss and check your nails. This private online coaching series is for highly-sensitive people numbed by their day job, stuck in a soul-sucking relationship or fighting off a deadbeat family but wanna feel brave, beautiful, and ultimately better.

I’ve been counseling people using color psychology since 2012. I love using color and emotional programming language as an official Desire Map Facilitator to help you redesign your living space and work environments to improve the quality of your personal happiness, overall mental health, and human experience.

Andy Warhol + Brené Brown = Bernard Charles

Melanie S. from Los Angeles

Better in Color is one of my favorite songs by Lizzo. An artist that deserves all the recognition and fame her golden soul desires. But it’s also the name of this 5-part virtual coaching series because living, breathing, eating, paying your bills on time, dancing, creating art, kissing and going to work in color is better.

“We must have the daring to be nothing but ourselves if we are to know what true power is.”
― Danielle Laporte

In this series, you’ll discover your core desired feelings for five focus areas and receive juicy color therapy advice to leverage these feelings with your personal and professional goals. You can pick and choose which sessions you need the most or take it all buffet style.

But first a quick sweat-free (we hope) exercise.

Take a deep breath.

Now let your heart answer this.

The hardest thing about my life right now is…

Take a minute, it’s all good.

Now choose a word/theme below that matches your answer.

Money - Livelihood & Lifestyle
Health - Body & Wellness
Expression - Creativity & Learning
People - Relationships & Society
Intuition - Essence & Spirituality
Blank - Undecided & Unsure


You just made the first step into acknowledging pain and suffering. Instead of sweeping the resistance under the rug. Based on your word matching, you now know which coaching call you need the most right now. If more than one area applies, then more than one call applies.

For Blank (you literally drew a blank, you stalled because everything flooded your mind at once or you’re unsure and this exercise kinda made you feel anxious) you’re invited to join every call of the Better in Color series.

Excited? Me too.

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