Best Ice Cream in the World!!!

So I am back in PA. Internship is over. Friendships have been made, and I am back to this reality of family and school! Well, right now I am just cruising on by.  No use in feeling icky about leaving. I need to keep up the energy. Do ya get what I am saying?

So, before we left the Mass/Cape Cod area, we stopped by at Four Seas Ice Cream!

Oh my goodness the best ice cream I have ever tasted. This ice cream shop is the 3rd oldest in New England! And there are 24 flavors that are offered at any time! Wowza! I had strawberry and I must say it was divine! Not too hard or too sweet, just right!

Before you go! Bring your walking shoes, because standing in line will be a must! My family and I stayed in the motel across the road from Four Seas and there was a line like this one running right into the parking lot! And that there should tell you how good this ice cream is for people to wait it out.

Also, Phantom Gourmet has been there too! Phantom Gourmet is this really cool show that I watched this summer and I must say, I love it! A show about really good local places to eat and visit. Because these places are on TV, I have to say it brings out a tourist-like feel to just watching these restaurants so visiting Four Seas was like being somewhere famous!

Ice Cream is so hard to critique, for me. However while enjoying my Four Seas scoops of heaven, I pondered about my other favorites battling it out to win awards!

I scream for Ice Cream!


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