*!*!*Bernard Is On Oprah*!*!*

Hey There!

Great News! I am now part of Oprah.com’s Community.

So because of character restrictions by user name is BvLuvsED, I do have a blog there as well!

Check it out here:

Bernard on O


Thank you for your support and I want you to dream as big as you can, because like the ole’ say’n WHEN THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY


  1. Listen up, you sick twisted freak. Does Oprah know you are “preserving” the morph picture of the first lady and a monkey?? You will never matter to anyone but your mama, you dirtbag! You are purpetuating a racist stereotype that serves to make you appear ignorant, and cold. You are not protecting anything but a sick cruel joke, you zit faced bastard. Perhaps a morphed picture of you and a pizza may start to circulate, you tiny weenie son-of-a-bitch. BTW, don’t quit your day job…flipping burgers, I would say by your zit face. Sick, ugly loser. FUCK YOU, RIGHT IN THE PIMPLE!

    1. I do believe that Oprah is very busy. Well I do matter to a lot of people, I am a really outgoing person. Who aspires to become a talk show host. I am not racist. I am observant and informative. I am not here to protect anything. I am simply informing people of what is going on in the world. I might have zits and pimples but have you ever taken a logic class?? Well a “Straw-Man” is type of informal logic that is also known as a fallacy. See, what you posed in your defense is a blow to my character so I would appear weaker because you attacked my character. The whole zits and pimple references. You also seem to have changed the subject from racism to pimples.

      Well, in case you may like to know, I do not “flip burgers”. I am a very successful and determined individual who does not like to waste my time with those who try to diminish other people’s characters.

      Thank you for your comment, however it was very inappropriate.

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