Back in the United States of America

Hello. If you haven’t known via my Facebook or Twitter updates, I am officially back in the US and soaking up this summer heat that seemed only to come out in Scotland at the end of my journey.

It feels nice to be back here at home, but I do miss the relaxing energy that thrives in the Scottish hills. The air and land there feels charming and very cozy like a bird’s nest.

Upon my arrival I was able to experience what it is like to enter back into my home country. Scary! I had to go through Immigration and then Customs. Seemed like a system well put in place to keep this country safe. I still don’t have an answer for why people would bring soil back into the states unless their gardening obsession got the best of them. Well, I made it through the gates safe and sound and traveled back to my wee town in NEPA.

Since traveling abroad I have been sputtering thoughts and ideas of how I can strengthen myself and this here blog. Most of that energy came from a great friend and fellow blogger, Lyn Thurman. She literally hatched a new egg, her website, and began to let her spirit lead her way. Kinda like in the movie Brave, with the willow wisps!  Those tender guides help us find our direction and destiny in life. I adored the movie and you should watch it. (Because I said so of course.)

Yes, these new ideas and sparks are stirring inside of me, but I need help. I am not sure how and what I can do to maintain your interest. Many people that I’ve talked to in person all say the same thing, just do what you want to do. And I reply with sharp look like “Really, well I am way too boring and don’t have the means to accomplish exactly what I want.”

There is a great pressure on me since I will be graduating in December and everyone expects me to use YouTube regularly/constantly for this dream of mine. And I am just turned off by the idea because I don’t want to be just a YouTube person. I need to branch out farther.

I need help lads and ladies.

What do you think? Do I need more video in my game plan?


  1. Thank you, Bernard, for such a lovely mention. I would probably be the last person to encourage YouTube due to my lack of YouTube skills 😉 However, it would be great to see you interviewing people and if that’s where the people are (on YouTube) then you have to bite the bullet and do it (IMHO). Fame beckons, and you never know which channel it’s going to use to propel you forward into stardom 🙂

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