Avoiding the flu and cold this season

Wellness tips

by Bernard-Charles

intutive self healing by marie manuchehri photoDid you get your flu shot this year? Well, in recent news, the influenza is showing major rifts in energy because people are debating on what can actually keep the nasty tendrils of sickness at bay. Legally, talking with your doctor is the approved method to becoming medically sound. However, there are skeptics out there that wouldn’t consider the medical field all that trustworthy. Conspiracies are everywhere and pretty much about anything so we’ll let those people fend off their own zombies.

The major point in combating the cold, flu or disease is knowing that your body is different compared to the rest of your community. We all are so unique that our biological makeup is just different. Twins well, are another story, but they too think and experience life differently. Realizing this point first is crucial to understanding how we should approach wellness suggestions and advice. This is where your family doc comes into play. They should know your body the best at least second best. Using your own intuition actually appears first if you follow the wild world of energy and holistic practice. I enjoy taking control in my own experience, yet popping pills or injecting chemicals that could be more dangerous just isn’t my style as of late. I’ve been reading a wonderful book called Intuitive Self-Healing by Marie Manuchehri. She is an energy healer and used to work as a registered oncology nurse. So, my faith in the chakras, aura, emotions, and intuition has been strengthened since reading the book.

Self-healing today with meditation

A major aspect of the energy world is meditation and Manuchehri explains it all in her book. As do many other healers and experts suggest today. Living in this overly stimulating society can be stressful, so taking the time to exercise our mindfulness and relaxation will help strengthen ourselves on an energetic level. All I do is lay in bed at night before I enter my dreamland and focus on breathing deeply for about 5 minutes. Breathing in through the nose on the count of four and exhaling through the mouth on the count of five or eight. I let whatever images and messages come to my mind to be released or held for a moment. Then I remember to focus on my breath. Being gentle with your body during meditation is a HUGE component to making it a success. Demand sacred love and space to practice meditating and soon you’ll expand your understanding and develop your prefrontal cortex in the process. (My psychology classes come in handy.)

Mind over matter has some advantages

The connection between the central nervous system and the immune system is strong. I learned this in my Positive Psychology class and definitely wouldn’t disregard the power of the mind. I am an empathetic person so I take on worry and emotions from others as if it were my own. This is dangerous especially during the topic of sickness. I try very hard to counter this activity by reminding myself that I am my own person. I feel for the people, but I cannot place myself in a situation to take on that sickness. A huge no-no for Bernard. So, I empower my conscious mind by repeating affirmations of wellness.

I am well and happy today. 

Do not take on this person’s challenge, you have the choice to leave the space or simply build an energetic firewall.

Visualizing or taking a physical step away from the source of drain can help greatly. It’s something I have been doing personally for 2 years now. It is amazing the amount of free-will we possess and if we could use the power for the highest good we could advance pretty far in life.

Slow and steady wins the race

Natural and organic alternatives are becoming hot and trendy, but sometimes they are not as instant as the chemically altered or genetically manufactured versions of food and medicine. Timing is essential and if you are used to drinking tea, using herbal mixtures, or eating naturally then your life is going to improve when it is supposed too. The art of going with the flow and living a life of simplicity has benefits and shouldn’t be forgotten. Our connection to the planet is essential and sometimes it is better to wait for progress then it is to overindulge in instant gratification. Our bodies are temples so lets enjoy the given time and space to be one with this illuminating race.

Overall, these are not widely accepted concrete concepts, but I hope that you would take the time to consider the benefits of living a great life by becoming more aligned with your special energetic frequency in this world. Science is just now playing catch up with many of the Eastern traditions and of course many more mysteries of the universe are too be discovered and solved. Just know that lifestyle is a way of living and if you choose to live it mechanically and artificially you may not be living your best life. There is always room for moderation and balance, we just have to know the options and to use our natural brains to figure out the rest.

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  1. Washing your hands regularly is one of the best preventions for colds and flu. That should be on the info graphic… 🙂

    Love this blog post!

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