Attracting gay marriage in Pennsylvania


Can you believe it?

Pennsylvania now allows same-sex marriage. I’ve called it ‘happy marriage” over at my Facebook page yet to celebrate even more, I am performing free mini color readings all day.

Why not?

I woke up yesterday and seen the buzz about it being Decision Day by the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) and it struck such a nerve inside my heart, I had to spring out of my bed and round-up gay-friendly materials, knick knacks and energy cards for an impromptu altar.

An altar dedicated to bringing sacred contract and balance with men who love men and women who love women. I swirled my sage stick around banishing negativity toward these relationships and infused the space with lemon essential oil for innovation. A good clean sweep to lead the historic decision down a path of love. Then because I relate the color magenta to sexuality, I sprinkled some hot pink azalea flowers across my beloved floor altar. It was magical and tear-jerking.

I said a little prayer and voilà!

The impact of my altar is not only a proof of divine timing and magic doing its thang, but of something else I am learning to use in my bag of awesome tricks. I am on a path of not only pursuing my metaphysical certification but law of attraction.

Yeah you know that book Oprah promoted – The Secret.

The law of attraction has been with me since high school and it wasn’t until yesterday that I really knew the power and determination it offers! When you blend your passions, visions and emotion into one simultaneous act and truly mean every ounce of it, magic happens!

This might be a small part of why magic works altogether and why we attract what we do. When I went to my first gay pagan festival last week, the weather magic performed caused an interesting energy shift with the pending storm predictions. On the screen the radar showed multiple storms being buffered by a thick wall of another front. Allowing the storms to go up and around, but of course we can’t control the weather, but we surely can get our little atoms in alignment to protect or offer a shield.

Basically, I am telling you that you have power and it’s just a matter of tapping into it and allowing it to improve the lives of others as well as yourself. Alignment with the greater good and setting specific intentions in any form (magic or legal) makes shift happen.

So, as I enjoy knowing Pennsylvania is on the up, I will continue creating altars and sending compassion wherever it may go because I know my attractive power means something.

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