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From HIYA Moon Jewelry:

 Each piece is one-of-a-kind and made with a natural, raw and color enhanced crystal point.

Now you have a chance to win a giveaway. Simply follow the instructions below to enter!

The Giveaway:

(1) Aqua Aura Mini Bullet Necklace

Who can enter:

Anyone with with a valid email address.

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Go to Hiya Moon Jewelry on and then leave a comment here on which HIYA Moon product is your favorite and why.

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Giveaway Ends:

A winner will be chose at random on January 16, 2011.


About the Sponsor:

My name is Matthew South and I’m the creator of HIYA MOON jewelry. I’m a dreamer, alchemist, artist and college student who currently resides in Iowa City, Iowa. HIYA MOON specializes in raw crystal and gem statement pieces and is the love child of combining my passion’s for rock collecting, fashion, graphic design and photography I am constantly inspired by the earth, space exploration, Ancient Egyptian & Native American cultures and anything magical. My creations are extraterrestrial, metaphysical, bohemian, bold and borderline avant-garde.

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  1. Simply dazzling glow “MARS tangerine sunshine aura XL bullet crystal necklace” captivated me. I see in it a fabulous country and distant planets.

  2. The crystal I would say I need in my life is the black tourmaline. There are times in my day when I just can NOT stand some things going on, or some things people do. It brings me frustration and negativity. I need black tourmaline because I want to ward off this (seemingly) constant negativity energy. There are also times I need to more tolerance and understanding of people and situations. This is simply a crystal I need in my life for many different reasons.

  3. I think the crystal I need most in life is peridot. I’m currently a college student and am not 100% sure of what path to take in life. I feel like the peridot’s properties would help me discovery that.

  4. Really want a crystal necklace I love my crystals but this would be extra special to carry it on my neck all day long! This is my Bonus entry followed you all on twitter ayo34 and Facebook. Much love to you HIYA moon beautiful soul!

  5. The Bellatrix raw amethyst mini bullet necklace is my favorite. I love the way the colors compliment each other. Amethyst is my birthstone, so naturally I love it, but I also love the healing aspects of it.

  6. my fave is CALLISTO celestial tanzan aura bullet crystal necklace. I guess i like teh color; it seems to match the casing (to me, anyways, haha)

  7. The MARS Tangerine Sunshine Aura XL Bullet Crystal Necklace is my absolute favorite. The color is gorgeous. Like in its name, it looks like sunshine and fills me with positivity.

  8. EEeee I’m in love with this necklace: MEGACLITE teal blue tourmaline bullet crystal necklace
    I’m also in complete adoration of the aqua aura necklace! I base my life around things of holistic and metaphysical nature so I’M HERE TO WIN!

  9. My favorite is the Mars Tangerine, but all of the neclaces are unique and beautiful.
    Tara883 (at) gmail (dot) com

  10. I love the OpalAura crystal on Hiya Moon’s website….My mother recently passed and her name was Opal. This crystal for giving insight to one’s spiritual mission in this life….perfect crystal for my needs in many ways


  11. My fav on the etsy site is the Callisto necklace. The crystal is for the Throat Chakra and I could use some help on speaking up and voicing.
    Thanks for the opportunity!!


  12. such a lovely necklace. my favorite thing is the ELYCTRA metallic jewel beetle wing necklace in silver on the website.

  13. My favorite crystal is Aqua Aura Quartz, so I am really excited about this! My favorite crystal necklace on the HIYA MOON site is the smokey quartz/pyrite combination. I love the two together. Smokey quartz and pyrite both fascinate me. I especially love how pyrite grows in geometrical shapes.

  14. Here’s my favorite:

    Here’s why: I love the name calypso, but I also know that quartz is good for me. My sign and birthdate claim I’m supposed to have rose quartz in my life, but any quartz will do. I adore the Calypso arrowhead, though, because it is simple and beautiful. There didn’t have to be a bunch of pieces to make the necklace seem complete and I love the color of the chain that goes with it (reminds me vaguely of steampunk and bohemian things). It’s just a very well put together piece. You’re a wonderful artist, and I look forward to buying your creations in the future.

  15. It was a tough choice, but I think my favorite is the “CALLISTO celestial tanzan aura bullet crystal necklace”. I just love the color!

  16. my favorite is the CALYPSO carved crystal quartz arrowhead necklace. it’s beautiful! it’s my favorite because it’s simple and rustic and it would be beautiful to wear everyday <3

  17. oh man, all the bullets are my favorite. the opal one in particular. If this were two months from now, i’d just buy that one and be done with it! I’m an october baby, so obvs, opals are special to me, but beyond, that the design of that one is a bit standout. the ratio of crytsal to bullet container is pleasing. i also really love how the bullets are both masculine and feminine, resembling a phallus on one hand and a lipstick tube on the other!
    I’d like to rub it on my lips like either! hha!

  18. I believe I need the Aqua Aura necklace because it will assist me in stimulating my throat chakra even more, so I am able to speak my mind. Also, besides being an AMAZING transmuter of energy, quartz is my spiritual stone. I have always had an amazing connection to it ever since I was a little kid. So winning this necklace would, just be amazing for me, and my aura 🙂

    Thank you!

  19. My gorgeous favorite is the ELYCTRA jewel beetle wing fringe necklace in gold…because of its intensive and shiny-iridescent color and its uniqueness that i’ve never seen any necklaces like this before(maybe it’s little bit scary but in the term of amazing!)*_*

  20. The crystal I need in my life is definitely MARS tangerine sunshine aura crystal. I love everything about this crystal: its name, its appearance, its properties. Its name evokes powerful solar aspects that I’m very spiritually attuned to. The color gives me a warm and energizing feeling. But most of all, its properties are particularly important for me. Several years ago my creativity and confidence took a rather large blow and ever since then I’ve lacked motivation to partake in the things that I used to love to do. My self-consciousness has become a huge blockade, and it would make a world of difference if this crystal could help inspire me and give me the emotional boost that I need to get over my misgivings.

  21. I am so in love with everything & I am definitely entering the giveaway! But the one item that I fell in love with was the CALLISTO celestial tanzan aura bullet crystal necklace. I love this necklace not only because of its beauty, but also the meaning behind it. I feel that I absolutely need this in my life so that it can bring more of compassion and wisdom from both my heart and mind. They need to work as one and the celestial tanzan necklace brings this balance that is so desperately needed at this point in my life. Thank You!

  22. I’d love to subscribe to your blog! I always welcome more content on my to-read list. I look forward to reading future posts from you! :3

  23. So much stunning jewelry, it’s hard to choose just one! D: But I think my absolute favorite is the Elyctra metallic jewel bug wing necklace. I’m a sucker for iridescent shades of greens and blues, and the fact that these come from genuine insects just makes it an even bigger treasure for an avid bug-lover like myself. I’ve actually seen this product floating around the internet for a while now, and it makes me happy that I’ve finally found the source so that I can invest in it sometime soon! So beautiful~ <3

  24. My favourite piece is definitely the raw pyrite bullet. Pyrite was the very, very first piece of mineral that was given to me as a kid. Lots of sentimental value. :] And by the gods, “Pyrite is said to promote self-confidence, deflect and disperse negativity, stimulate intellect, enhance memory, increase energy and stamina, and attract wealth and good fortune.” Is basically everything needed in my life.

  25. All of your jewelry is stunning! I can’t imagine how much time and work you must put into it. It was quite dificult choosing just one, but since I adore opal and anything of the sort I picked the “Despina Opal Aura Angel Bullet Crystal Necklace.” Even if the picture doesn’t do it justice as you said, it is still extremely ostentatious.

  26. I adore the bullet necklaces. Specifically the amethyst one. I,Amethyst is my birthstone so I happen to have a lot of jewelry with amethyst in it. (Which in turn makes me have somewhat of an aversion to such jewelry for the most part) Since I don’t normally buy many things with amethyst because of the sheer quantity I have at home, I was surprised to find that this one was my favorite. Of course all of the bullet necklaces are gorgeous, as well as your other pieces, I just happen to find this one most attractive. 🙂

  27. My favourite item on your store is NEPTUNE raw amethyst mini bullet crystal necklace, but you have many wounderful things! thanks for the giveaway!!

  28. Everything that I need in my life right now is embodied in the Smoky Quartz crystal. My life is very stressful right now. I’m losing a lot sleep and peace of mind over my job and studying for up to four hours every night for my three AP classes. It isn’t uncommon for me to stay up till well past midnight falling asleep writing my notes. It get very stressful and I find it hard to focus sometimes. The smoky quartz will take all this negativity and transform it into positive, productive energy.
    It also helps you realize your dreams and wishes. My dream is to be an artist and to own a gallery or be a curator. I’ll take all the help I can get from this beautiful and powerful crystal.

  29. My favorite necklace is the Asteroid Raw Pyrite. Its so beautiful and the balancing properties as well as its influences in decision making would be VERY beneficial to me. Being a pisces, I’m very indecisive! The stone also brings back memories of me and my father rock hunting when I was little. After my parents got divorced I rarely see him so it would be nice to have this as a way to always have him with me 🙂

  30. I thik my favourite nekclace is LYSITHEA Imperial topaz XL bullet crystal necklace, because of it’s beautiful colour and also it is said to have a good influence on my zodiac constellation ( i’m leo).
    Twitter name : HeyImIngrid (followed)

  31. My Favorite has to be BELLATRIX raw amethyst, because as I was looking around at the necklaces this one just caught my eye. It was saying “Hey! look at me” and once I did I found out why it’s the birthstone of February which my birthday is in. It’s know as a calming, meditative stone and promotes peacefulness. How can I not like this little buddy 5 stars! 🙂

  32. My favorite is the Aqua Aura Mini Bullet, mostly i just like it for the colour, its a very pretty stone, but i also like the metaphysical properties it has. 🙂

  33. hi! i like the “CALLISTO celestial tanzan aura bullet crystal necklace” best, i just love the color and all that.

    my twitter username is batkind.

  34. The Hiya Moon Collection is full of infinitely gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing, but the Rainbow Aura, and it’s description embody everything I wish to appreciate more in my life. I had a hard time choosing between the Rainbow and the Aqua Aura. I battle with anxiety, depression, and creativity on a daily basis. This beautiful reminder wrapped around my neck would keep me strong.

    I checked out the website and absolutely love it.

  35. My favorite piece from HIYA Moon Jewelry is the LUNA amethyst crystal cross bullet necklace. It looks raw, but wealthy. To me, this time of jagged looking cross represents spirituality, but not necessarily in a denominational sense. This jewelry work and all of this pieces are stunningly beautiful and can be paired with anything. They are pieces that you could wear inside of outside your clothing with complete comfort and reassurance of the promise and help they shall bring. I would be proud and overwhelmingly excited to be adorned with this jewelry.

  36. My favorite product is the Callisto Tanzan Aura Bullet Crystal Necklace. The flecks of material within the crystal and the mild blue make this crystal just look amazing.

  37. I love the Bellatrix raw amethyst bullet necklace. I love amethyst and it looks so pretty. Definitely thinking about adding this to my collection!!

  38. I’d have to say it’s the aqua aura mini bullet necklace. Its design is sleek and simple, plus I absolutely adore that color. (When I was a kid, cyan/aquamarine was pretty much my favorite color ever.)

  39. My favorite product is the DESPINA opal angel aura bullet crystal necklace. Opal is my favorite stone because it holds a rainbow of colors and if you look close enough you can see the whole universe in this stone.

  40. my favourite product on hiya moon jewelery is CALLISTO celestial tanzan aura bullet crystal necklace. i like it the most because of it’s unique look and the colour of the crystal, which is silver, which you can match with almost all your clothes. also, i really like the idea of matching bullets with crystals, because it builts a contrast. one was made by mankind and the other by mother nature. the matching of the silver and the golden is something that you don’t see often on the streets and reminds of the sun rising.

  41. very pretty. like them all could not choose favorite. may your new year be full of many blessings and good health.

  42. the crystal that picked me was the celestial tanzan aura bullet crystal necklace it keeps you in a high vibration and is for the throat chakra well keep me in a state of love & truth.

  43. the crystal that picked me was the celestial tanzan aura bullet crystal necklace
    I think because my job is to spread & find the truth. this would keep me in a high vibration of love & be grounded

  44. I could use any of them! I think the Kyanite would make the most sense though. I’m a grad student and need to be able to articulate myself clearly–in my role as a student and a teacher

  45. my favorite item is the DESPINA opal angel aura bullet crystal necklace, because opal is such an amazing gem and has such beautiful color play

  46. I need the Citrine crystal in my life right now. At the moment I am attending college and I need to succeed! Not only for myself but for my family.. This stone is said to bring good fortune and create stability. It also says that it may enhance confidence and creativity ..which i need in my art school aha Also, it is the my birthstone for november :]

  47. my favorite Hiya moon piece of jewelry is the DESPINA opal angel aura bullet crystal necklace. absolutely breathtaking!!

  48. My favorite product is CALLISTO celestial tanzan aura bullet crystal necklace. Not only is its appearance breathtaking, but the crystal’s properties astound me: awakening heart and mind, inviting safety, and more. I love it :] haha

  49. My favorite HIYA MOON necklace would no doubt be the DESPINA opal angel aura bullet necklace. Opal is such a beautiful and enchanting gemstone. I adore the way the light catches it and how it reflects not one, but multiple colors!

  50. My favorite HIYA Moon product on etsy is the “CALLISTO celestial tanzan aura bullet crystal necklace”. I really love the gold chain and the slightly darker bullet, and I absolutely adore the shape and look of the crystal, and the little formations inside which give it a special touch when they reflect light.

  51. I NEED the amethyst “Bellatrix” crystal bullet in my life because a)the name is awesome (Bellatrix Lestrange!) and Amethyst is my favorite stone.

  52. i went to your etsy and i think the SETEBOS smoky quartz crystal spikes necklace is the nicest, it looks very old and witch like, it’s just very cool and mysterious.

  53. I think I need the aqua aura in my life to help bring me esoteric wisdom… And also for relieving depression and anxiety.

  54. i think i need the Peacock Ore in my life because i try to be a very positive person but a lot of my friends gossip a lot and start drama which brings me down. it is also very gorgeous 🙂

  55. I think that my favorite HIYA product is the NEBULA Quartz Crystal Spike necklace. It has a nice amount of crystals without the bulk, that would really look good wearing almost anything. I also have always had an affinity for quartz ever since I was a child and received a quartz necklace for my eighth birthday. I’ve been wanting to get another one, but I haven’t seen one I’ve liked as much as the NEBULA. 🙂

  56. The crystal I need in my life is Citrine. The properties of Citrine could help me a lot as a young, up and coming graphic designer.

  57. Oh, this is fantastic. I love Bellatrix (will not even wonder what that says about me!!).

    You know I already love/like you on FB already 😉

  58. I think a crystal that I need most in my life would be the Europa black tourmaline. I find within my life that negativity just follows me. I would like to have that crystal help me stay positive and keep the negativity at bay.

  59. I loved the Atlas crystal cross. It just really caught my eye. The color is gorgeous and the craft is amazing.

  60. My favorite HIYA Moon product is the Bellatrix raw amethyst mini bullet crystal necklace. Not only is it a beautiful necklace, but amethyst is my birthstone and one of my all time favorite crystals. The amethyst crystal is a beautiful shade of violet, and the calm, meditative properties make it perfect for anyone.

  61. My favorite HIYA Moon product is the peridot necklace. Peridot is my birthstone, as I am an August baby, and I also love the shade of green. Peridot is also my favorite because I its healing properties are those which assist me the most: with patience, with my need for new adventure, and with continuing my spiritual path- just to name a few.

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