Why it’s utterly obnoxious to compare apples to oranges.


I was in a recent situation where I had to stand up for myself.

It was in a Facebook group and someone had compared me to this known YouTube personality.

She had prefaced her comparison agenda with something to the likes of “I don’t mean to offend you…but you remind me of…”

Well when someone says that – the air freezes still, heart seethes hotter in anticipation and the worse flicks across your mind as you try and project or guess what is next.

I had people compare me to elves, fairies and David Bowie but never an overly emotional character online.

Is it the hair?

Should I wear eye liner?


I replied to her comment – I am offended. I am my own person.

Two things were happening in this energy exchange.

One she was being innocently human (those humans don’t know any better lol) and I recognized that and since this was in a space of branding, marketing and business, I totally took her association as an opportunity to see why people continue to connect me with him. It happens a lot actually.

Second thing is I felt a crackling in my mind. My unique and beautiful mosaic of who I thought I AM chalked up as some duplicate. It stung.

Prior to this experience, I was Skyping with a new friend that I had met through the same group. She was describing her life and all I could see was me. Another me. This was a very different experience maybe because she wasn’t trying to be a character but just her self. Her mannerisms and mine we both pointed out were vivacious gestures of excitement, flow and energy. We smile widely and think quite deeply. We care so much about changing the planet and just wish more people would show up for the party like we have.

Seriously felt as though we were cut from the same cloth but I did not get offended. I was completely flattered that I attracted her into my life. Her struggled are my own and when we can relate to all beings in this way that will be one amazing freak show.

Letting ego compare shallow waters with the ocean is quite dangerous. It’s almost foolish but both entities do have common ties which should be redeemed where appropriate.

But I knew in this instance if I had let this comparison slide once more I would be doing everyone a disservice. Especially me because this is my chance to honor my feelins. Recognize ego, fear and love. Move on.

If I didn’t acknowledge and accept bravely then I would be promoting apple to orange comparisons all day.

Of course they both are fruits. Emotionally stimulating. Fun to look at and pleasures the taste buds but truth is they are different.

Just like Black people, white people, gay people and straight people.

Diversity at it’s finest inherently has no difference but we all have a unique authority on self-expression.

In my own understanding, I see humanity as a point of color in the rainbow. Unique and shaded just for them. However like all color, it comes from light. One source. In order for the colors to be expressed the light must pass through a filter and that’s exactly how I see humanity. Just an expression of light after it meets a crystaline structure or a life prism.

We are an expression of the universe.

This greater cosmos we call loosely life or God wants to feel humanity through us.

And by equality we want the universe, God and life to work and align from us.

Cocreation matters.

In our own power and choice, it’s been said to me multiple times by various sources within the spiritual community we made a soul contract.

We picked the people, experiences and happenings because our soul doesn’t carry an original sin blamed solely on a naked couple allegedly following orders from a snake.

So apples are apples and oranges are oranges because they energetically vibrate to be an apple or an orange.

Just the way it is and neither can ever truly be the same apple or orange because the place it was picked, the time it took to ripen and the person eating it is expansively diverse.

Not quite random or meaningless. Good or bad. Just different.

Well, unless you’re allergic to them then forget everything I said and enjoy a banana!

Until next time <3 :star: and :mrgreen:

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8 thoughts on “Why it’s utterly obnoxious to compare apples to oranges.

  1. I agree it is not good to compare something to another thing however sometimes it can be seen as a compliment. I wouldn’t take it to heart. 🙂

  2. “Just the way it is and neither can ever truly be the same apple or orange because the place it was picked, the time it took to ripen and the person eating it is expansively diverse.” I love this! I used to have a lot of problems with embracing my “awkwardness”, my personality as it is. It really helped me when my psychiatrist compared me to a tree in the woods (surviving storms and other difficult conditions), which can never be as “perfect” as a commercially grown tree. But it is stronger and beautiful in its own way, even more so. I’m so much happier (and healthier as a consequence) since I stopped trying to reach stupid (unfortunately I can’t find a better word) social standards.

    1. BTW, I have never heard of Chris Crocker. 😉 I like your video.

    2. I totally agree with you. I mean if you had to be a tree in a pot or a tree in the woods – which would you choose? Be limitless today and tomorrow and forever. <3

  3. Great post! I think it’s part of human nature to make these comparisons–whether comparing yourself to someone else or comparing other people entirely. It’s so important to not allow superficial comparisons get in the way of truly seeing a person for who they are. It can really get in the way of more meaningful connections.

    I love how you dealt with this topic, you’ve got such a unique way with words.

    1. Thank you I know my words are woven pretty interestingly.

  4. BEAUTIFUL!!!! So happy you made this! Couldn’t agree more – it is the energy, the essence, and the expression of a person that should be front and center. <3

    1. It’s how I see the world in color. <3 So happy to feel your comment. Keep sharing.

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