Apophyllite crystal creating balance in my gay love life

Since performing my Oshun Pumpkin spell little signs of love and abundance are sparking and flittering into my life! It’s clearly showing results with all my beautiful fireflies on Facebook and now in the energy of my crystal hunting!

I met with a local crystal distributor to talk about offering crystal classes for the community and she hands me this apophyllite crystal to aid in my energy exchanges. When she turned it over, smack dab in the middle was a rocky mint green heart staring back at me. I had to have it and if I did not grab it now, I would feel guilty.

This is how relationships work as well.

Throughout my experience as a gay boy living in a one spirit world, the art of dating is about staying open, flexible and acknowledging that the other person you are hanging out with is a human being. Another energetic body just like you! I am coming to terms with what I am meant to provide in this moment. I am forging my soul path for highest good and apophyllite will help in this practice by bringing more clarity and balance through a pure state of mind.

What I value most in a relationship is balance and since I am a two spirit kind of guy, I need someone who is also aware of their two spirit nature to help build me up and in turn I would provide the same. It’s about complementing not compromising. The zodiac signs for apophyllite are Gemini and Libra. Two signs this Aries needs help with in terms of dealing with romantic airy personalities. Sometimes not enough air means the fire goes out and too much air will blow it out completely. So a firm balance is in-store with this crystal and that’s why it stumbled into my life and could very well apply to your own needs outside of the dating sphere. The crystal comes in a variety of colors and so it can bring an angelic influence into your life if you choose its pastel nature.

This stone resonates highly with peace and love and welcoming this energy into my lifestyle will not only help translate what spirit is trying to reveal to me in the dating scene but provide concrete awareness to the overall consciousness shift that the world is experiencing. Taking chances and not feeling guilty afterwards is important with change. This is what acceptance is all about, is it not?

A quick apophyllite rendezvous

While laying down for meditation, place the apophyllite crystal on top of your heart chakra (center of chest) and proceed to meditate. Feel the sensation of the crystal bringing more peace and love into your body for you to share with the rest of the world.  This pure clear energy is rather automatic so concentrate on your meditation naturally and all will be well.

apophyllite heart chakra photo


    1. HAHA Aries and Libra are opposite zodiac signs and they say the energy can be negative, but I feel drawn to them for a reason. Maybe it’s my Capricorn moon sign playing with me. Thanks for the offer.

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