Anderson Cooper another gay talk show host

Source: The Trevor Project

Sorry ladies…

Bless my buttons the CNN stud, Anderson Cooper officially came out to the public recently through a blog called The Dish, written by openly gay blogger, Andrew Sullivan.

My first reaction was “Yes, I know.” Good gay-dar if you will. But it quickly turned to something bigger and more worldly “Oh this means an opportunity for others to start understanding that typical homosexual stereotypes can and are broken everyday.”

So many people have a perceived idea of what it means to be gay and to be quite real with you all, being gay is not just about sex, sex, sex, and more sex.

Being gay is about being happy and honest with yourself as Anderson makes very clear:

The fact is, I’m gay, always have been, always will be, and I couldn’t be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud.

Gay is just another term for straight. So it comes down to the core element of love, because straight people and gay people get googoo gaga when it comes to this heart-burning feeling. Love is what makes us tick and it can tick us in many ways like our hobbies do. I really think on a new age and metaphysical idea, love makes the universe go boom!

Well, I am definitely proud to aspire to such great people like Ellen DeGeneres and Anderson Cooper because they both worked extremely hard to get to where they are and hopefully I can live up to such fantastic people. I just hope there is enough room for this kid to make his biggest dream come true. Even if I am single…and not the only gay talk show host.

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