And so the magic begins and how you can enjoy it

color deck photo

You know that moment when your whole body falls in love. All sights, sounds and feelings perfectly align with sweetness.

I opened a package from far far away and my heart skipped a beat.

My personal color deck arrived and it’s more beautiful than I ever could imagine.

I had many doubts and fears associated with this journey, many of which consisted of printing errors, inky bleeding, or worse lost cargo!

But none of that occurred.

Every color – all 108 – are milestones along my soul’s journey and I get to share my color knowledge and wisdom ten fold with you when you book a color reading.

The beginnings of a new era which I preluded to weeks ago.

I only have so much time in a day to serve my purpose and clarifying your energy into tangible physical realness is what I do best. I want to help you understand that living a soulful life doesn’t have to be airy fairy gone with the wind belief.

Magic is real.

At this time the deck is not for sell because I know there are many greedy fingers out there that will not appreciate the power of this deck. However, if you book a color reading you most certainly get to understand the cards more deeply and personally without your ego blocking you. Besides there isn’t a book to accompany the deck to aid those novice in the art of wielding color. So right now, the deck is my own personal tool to enhance my own intuition and give you accurate readings that are honestly imperative to your energetic evolution. Tired of online chakra quizzes and not knowing what to do with the results, I am the answer.

You are not at a lost though! I wholeheartedly understand that you deserve the light that my work provides and so I have a limited number of spots open for those that wish to obtain a piece of the deck. Book this color reading and you will receive in the mail a special color card from my color deck. You will be able to use this card on your altar, as a bookmark for your spiritual learnings or include in your own magical way (for good I hope)!

Until next time, love light & color!


  1. Omg, Bernard!!! Congratulations! :’) The cards look so gorgeous & sexy! I’m absolutely captivated & enchanted by those lovely colours. They’re like calling out to me! It’s sooooo magical. Thank you so much for creating these wonderful pieces of art! They’re absolutely beautiful like your divine soul <3 <3 <3

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