An interview with my mother

Bernard Eats: A home cook meal

by Bernard-Charles

Thanksgiving leftovers are fueling many American families right now and my family is not any different. I arrived back in Pittsburgh this past weekend leaving the leftover stuffing, turkey and pie behind in NEPA. The only tasty treats that I could really take along for a 5 hour ride were two pumpkin creme cheese muffins sealed  in a Ziplock bag. Yup, and it helped manage my homesickness too. Until I ate them both and had to rely on Farmville 2 and Facebook in general to keep my mind occupied as I have 3 weeks left before I graduate.

Quite an odd feeling overall but the stress from my classes still remain. Luckily, I have an awesome mother to just keep things simple and neat for me. This assignment for class was to interview someone this week, but I kinda already did that in a way with Jonathan Melendez, but that was more so a profile on him and his bloggy business. (Who really knows as we weren’t given examples to go off of in the first place.)

I messaged my mother, Ellen, on Facebook to squeeze some foody interest from her. She no doubt just finished baking 2 pumpkin pies, apple pie, blueberry cobbler, and managed to make pumpkin creme cheese muffins. Not to mention, she cooked Thanksgiving dinner for over 10 people. I think she is experienced enough to be interviewed, don’t you?

With the amount of things that need to be done on both ends, she made this interview one of the easiest:

Facebook interview photo
Aries are known to be straightforward, we both are Aries.

Are you chuckling like I am? Well, maybe this isn’t what you had expected, but you have to admit that this is definitely much easier to understand than reading a flowery and overused paragraph that can take up too much space. Anywho, enough about the quality of the interview, lets carve into this turkey.

Hamburger Helper

Looks like my childhood mimics my mother’s life growing up. I actually really loved getting home from school and having Hamburger Helper for dinner. Today, my favorite is the Cheesy Italian Shells. So tasty and much better than eating chicken patties all the time here at school.

Blueberry Cobbler

If I could redo Thanksgiving, this would be the only reason why! Absolutely adored the taste of this dish! My mother found the recipe on Yummly. This site is so social media friendly that you can Like it, Tweet it, and Pin it. The recipe site even has a YUM button!

Doctor appointments, vitamins, variety of foods

Going to the doctor is something I remember doing regularly just for check-ups. (Even had fun times with removing the warts on my hands.) Of course we depend on doctors to tell us what we need in terms of our health and well-being and this is where vitamins and eating healthy come into play. A good mom makes sure her kids are well. Go moms!

Easy directions, sub section

If you can’t read the directions in order of how to make something, then you might as well toss that book out. I love The Candide Appetite so much, because it’s a step-by-step blog for cooking and baking. Just waiting patiently for Jonathan Melendez to publish a cookbook (hint hint).

Any kind of meat

Yeah! The texture of meat just is not my favorite. I like hot dogs, but I need all my meat to be with sauce. I don’t eat turkey at Thanksgiving because of the texture. I eat the cinnamon and brown sugar ham instead. 😉 Oh maybe that’s just my sweet tooth talking.



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