Almost becoming a certified metaphysical practitioner

The whole month has been a journey as some of you might recall, and my oracle cards were not joking when they revealed to me keywords like strategy, books, wisdom, and abundance. Over the course of 4 to 8 selfie readings and a bizarre Facebook connection, synchronicity let me have it. I was due for some more training but hadn’t a clue as to how I could afford it.

It always seems to come down to money these days.

So, I was presented with some options…

The first choice urged me to take everything I had in savings and collected in sales this month to invest in the program with no money left for my big boy bills. I passed on this idea real quick because it made me feel like a wasteland.

The second entrée to pick was encouraging people to order readings from me and I would use the sales to cover my program fee. A win-win scenario. Nah, I don’t like asking people for money! Next.

There was no next.

I asked the cards for a solution and the community card flipped a bit sideways and landed on my bed. In nanoseconds, my intuition was cheering on the second option. It occurred to me that people would rather their monetary exchanges be put to good use like expanding your resume educationally!

So, I woke up yesterday and within 5 hours of posting a request to help this firefly become a certified metaphysical practitioner, I found myself 50 bucks away from reaching the finish line. It was exciting. And I definitely had a blast reading for people that continue to inspire me daily like Kelly Eckert, who has a fearsome spirit animal deck that you MUST check out!

Even though I am not a certified metaphysical practitioner (CMP), I’m happy to tell you that all the funds have manifested through sales and donation. So this time next year, I should be finishing my course and adding a sexy new title to my name!

Are you interested in becoming a CMP?

I have received lots of questions on the program that I will be working through to earn this certification. I am more than happy to share it with you, but I am not in any way endorsing it because I have not fully experienced the program at all or even super-familiar with the person in charge. She has been nice though in our brief correspondence.

Use your intuition like I did and join along to experience the classes with me, I would love to have a study buddy! There is one overall certification fee cost or you may purchase the individual modules separately for your convenience.

Marissa Moondaughter presents…

moondaughter cmp program button

Certified Metaphysical Practitioner

A Metaphysical Practitioner is an artist and cultivator of magic. We observe this energy flow and use magic as a means to change and transform the energy for the better – ultimately creating a more thriving reality. We hone our skills, learn from the Divine, and learn to use our energy for the Highest Good. We are travelers on a Cosmic journey. A certification can help set you apart with your spirit-led business, and give you confidence and the skills to work your own magic in your community.

Magical program modules to explore metaphysics

Lunar Flow – Learning energy work with the Moon and witnessing our own ebb and flow as healers and magical practitioners. 4 weeks starts March 1, 2014

Chakra Rhythm – A 7 week healing journey through the Chakras creating alignment and balance and learning about auras. 7 weeks starts April 7, 2014

Tarot Journey – A workshop to enhance our intuitive gifts using the Tarot as our tools for divination and self-transformation. 12 weeks starts October 1, 2014

Stone Medicine – Let’s gather our stones and learn from them; A basic overview of crystal healing and working with stone medicine. 8 weeks starts Winter 2015

The CMP program under the direction of Marissa Moondaughter has been accredited by the World Metaphysical Association and the American Council of Holistic Healers. These affiliations are the same ones that have accredited Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy and FloraSage Therapies Institute – Flora Peterson.



  1. Hi Bernard, I could spend hours commenting on your posts. As one writer to another, your way with words fascinates me. I am a huge fan.

    As far as your subject, I completely understand not wanting to spend all you have on just one thing, even though it would be intended for your ultimate good. Yes, we have to save some of our funds for those “big boy (& girl) bills.” “Wasteland” is exactly what it feels like when we have perhaps $50 to our names at times. Excellent word choice.

    I can’t wait to see that sexy new title after your name with the win-win you found by following your intuition.

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