Administrative Professionals Day Hire A Psychic Intuitive This Year For De-Stressing The Workplace

300 billion dollars lost each year because of stress and how it harms worker productivity reports Health Advocate.

So if you could save a fraction of the cost would you?

The average company loses about $600 each year per employee because of stress-related absences. And it’s my personal and professional mission to improve the quality and longevity of your employees. Thus your brand.

I’ve worked in administrative roles. And one tool that’s helped me and my team before, during, and after those fire drill moments was the use of conscious coloring. This isn’t another coloring book doodle. Nor is it intended to distract your team from their duties. It’s a non-invasive workplace method of detoxing the stress with color psychology.

Delivering thousands of consultations since 2013, a reoccurring theme has been to improve the lives and careers of hard-working people through stress-management. How to properly set up a system to reduce disengagement and get employees excited for the brand’s mission, vision and purpose that’s in alignment with their own values.

A consultation with me is a private one and confidential. I’m happy to sign non-disclosure agreements to keep your company safe. If you’re new here and would like to experience my work, please feel free to download my Change Your Mood ebook. I offer specific color strategies to improve your company culture from the inside out. Also I’m available for events, which you can find here.

Make this Administrative Professionals Day/Week an experience that gives your co-workers compassion, care, and courage to be the best at their desk and beyond.

Ways to Make this Magic Happen

  • Sponsor Office Happy Hour
  • Recognize your top executives with a VIP day
  • Meet and Greet with Bernard
  • Learning and development training with the color deck
  • Essential oils at the office 101
  • Discover your personal work aura and what it says about you

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