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by Bernard-Charles

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I am excited to share with you that my dear friend, Lyn Thurman, is a finalist for About.com’s Reader’s Choice this year. She is a candidate for Most Inspirational Person and here’s why you should totally vote for her every day until March 19, 2013.

Lyn came into my life about 3 years ago while I was browsing the internet for anything and all things witchy. I wanted to learn more about the magical community and Witch-blog.com proved to be a fantastic resource as it had a daily tarot reading which slipped right into my daily routine nicely. It’s basically like checking my horoscope every day to gain insight on what I can expect to encounter for the day. I loved them so much that I began commenting on her blog posts regularly as her work proved to inspire me spiritually.

The inspiration grew more and more over time and so I had asked her to appear as a guest on the show, right here about the art of tarot. I wanted to inform people about how tarot shouldn’t be considered as a devil’s tool and what beginners should know about tarot reading.

Fast forward a bit to the present

Lyn is a Life-Teacher for My Inspiration Network and created a weekly platform for me to do my own color card ritual for her Soul Path Tribe community. Not to mention she added a dash of herbal wisdom for you all when I wrote about using herbs daily.

Witnessing her growth and how she inspires others besides myself is truly a sight to see! If there is one person on Earth besides Ellen DeGeneres to inspire America’s Future Talk Show Host it would be this loving witch who lives by the sea.

So, please take a little time out of your day to vote for Lyn Thurman.

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