Color psychologist, lifestyle coach, writer, essential oil enthusiast, gaymer

I’m Bernard Charles.

Tell me a color you love or hate, and I will tell you secrets about yourself.

I studied the influence of color and light at the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, positive psychology, multimedia journalism, and digital marketing at Point Park University.  I then integrated a passion for color and intentional living by becoming certified in metaphysical education, neurolinguistic programming, crystal healing, meditation, the law of attraction, building self-confidence, workplace habits, managing stress for positive change, and victimhood to leadership training.  Why stop there?

I love working alongside Oprah-recognized thought-leaders and business gurus like Gabrielle Bernstein, Marie Forleo and Danielle LaPorte to deliver positive change on this planet. In 2014, I created the world’s largest color therapy oracle deck called The Color Mage Oracle. It’s 108 color cards to inspire artists, designers, color lovers, and intuitive readers to take colorful action and strengthen their intuition daily.

Curious about those color secrets, treat yourself or your team to a consultation. Contact me for more inspiration: hello@thecolormage.com

My Manifesto

I love sitting down with strangers and friends reading their color energy, helping them figure out their next move in life. I believe every soul is beautiful and has no specific gender. I’m committed to making homes safer for LGBTQ people regardless of race, religion or region. 


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