A Teacher’s Gift

Today Whoopi, Joy, Sherri, and Elisabeth from The View, had some opinions on this hot topic!

Should teachers get money/expensive cruises/Visa® Gift Cards?

No wonder why this was a hot topic! Traditionally for many families, gifts for teachers were/are cards, candles, and edible items like candy and fruit. What happened to the good ole’ days?

Well, personally I do not approve of teachers receiving money or these expensive gifts. Honestly, a good teacher may deserve these bonuses, but the essence of Christmas should be reserved to more domestic household elements. The meaning of Christmas is from the heart, not from your wallet.

I would probably keep in contact with my teachers that have made an impact on my life and then I would, if I had the funds, give them a more expensive gift within reasonable appreciation. I am simply amazed that these teachers ask for such expensive things.  I am aware of the economic situation in the US, but tradition and integrity should supersede such commercialization that goes on during the Holiday seasons.

Joy Behar from The View ,a former teacher, comments*

Teachers are like civil servants. Much like a mail man, cannot receive money as a gift. The city/government pays them to serve the civilians of the state.

*I was so engrossed in the show that I wrote this after the discussion was finished. So, I paraphrased Joy’s statement.


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