With the transformation of Stephen Hawking’s consciousness moving forward in the space time continuum (rest in power beautiful soul), I want to share a lecture he gave on God playing dice with life and why if you read divinational tools like tarot and oracle – it matters.

Do read this Stephen Hawking lecture entitled Does God Play Dice? 

It’s a lengthy scroll and you might’ve felt like you went down a black hole yourself, but I love how we as species can even transport ourselves to this space of wonder and understanding.

We want to understand our universe.

But we also must swallow our pride and accept that some things are best left in mystery. Not to hide ill-intentions or unethical behaviour. But I believe when we are ready to discover – the light always turns on.

As a card reader of tarot, oracle and color I always tell people that the future isn’t set in stone. You realize that every action, thought and creation in the Universe is interplaying with every other action, thought and creation. This is why the push for more holistic care and democratic governing is vital for our higher expression in evolving as a species.

Professor Hawking understood that perspective matters and this multifaceted galaxy is a small example of a greater story. So vast but it doesn’t mean we lose sight of caring about our true selves. We don’t stop living because we don’t control every single aspect of our existence.

I think this is a reoccurring struggle for humanity because we want to be in control and dominate with a deterministic worldview. We want things to be black and white. We want things to revolve around us 24/7. Reading my own cards and trying to understand my next move in life, I see it now more than ever (even wrote it in my book, Rainbow Revolution) the Universe responds to your vibration, it doesn’t revolve solely upon your pious greed. It thrives on gratitude and that’s the real magic. This is why as a card reader you gotta know that you’re never predicting a future, you’re prescribing a means to make more room for authentic possibilities.

One reading isn’t enough. Just like one doctor visit isn’t enough. Or one amazing lecture from a luminary like Professor Hawking. If you haven’t read your cards recently, take some time to peer into your intuition. Feel your way through the uncertainty principle. Help whoever you read for to understand that they can empower their own life and advocate for a different destiny.

Anything’s possible. And we don’t have to know it all right now in this moment either.

I wish that the brilliance of our humanity allows the light to heal so much of our darkness.

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