A poem: Intuition

By Sama Morningstar

This poem was the best way I felt I could express the journey of intuitive healing and the different colors and flavors of guidance that arise upon the way. Blessings.

Red root feels
exactly where to sink
precisely how deep
how wide to spread
for balance
the tip of each tendril
smells the perfect nutrient
magnetized, it reaches
finds and absorbs
feeding every cell
favorite flavors
water, matter, light
sliding, slipping
snuggling, growing together
tiny universes dancing
ecstatic creation
Orange orb
bursting bright
feels the sorrow
the delight
of every loss, every gain
every pleasure, every pain
spinning, tangling
then slowing still
knowing to carefully weave
a nurturing nest
safeguarding rest
to embrace and fill
with loving nectar
Yellow sun
shining hot
burning away
internal combustion
generating life
eternal evidence
informs brightness
how much nourishes
how much withers
warm joy
as all flourish
Green galaxy
slowly smiling
truth spreading
love growing
infinite knowing
bliss flowing
arms spread wide
to hug the whole universe
trusting love
can expand forever
and never tire
never burn
receiving all
overflowing into
Blue sky
opens wide
singing freedom
speaking peace
universal wisdom
gathers, refines
spills forth
fine tones
listening to each other
tiny lift or drop
and we are together
creating something new
unique and beautiful
Indigo twilight
clarity at dawn
seeing the bright path
even through the night
for this eye never shuts
even in dreams
watching the mysteries
dancing, prancing
celebrating life
doubt and fear
float up and dissolve
in sparking tingles
giggling joy back
to this tiny infinite moment
Violet flame
rises effortless
on the breath of the rainbow
to vibrate in tune
with infinite bliss
raining soothing light
on all beings
prayerful purpose
gently bathes all movement
in calm stillness
returns all action
to truth
transmutes all forms
to light
removes concern
for wrong or right
grants ultimate freedom
returns to original essence
forgiving chaos
basking in eternity
sighing, sighing
laughing, laughing
relax, relax, relax

More about today’s featured guest

AppleMarkSama Morningstar is a light spirit in human form whose mission in life is to guide fellow humans to realizing their light nature as well. She explores universal light healing energies in many manifest forms including Hatha and Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, Massage, Energy Healing, Art Therapy, Gardening, Spiritual Poetry Writing, Vegan Cooking and Birthing from Within Mentoring. She joyfully shares this light healing with those who wish to discover their true essence. She is available for services in the Long Beach, CA area starting in January, 2014.

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/lightspiritbirthdoula


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