A month of Gratitude leads me to bliss

gratitude herbs bag photoThe magic bestowed upon me all month has been extravagant! I am so blessed with each miraculous encounter that I had to tell you about all the amazing things that happened this month because I found my own strength in gratitude. Also, I am sharing some easy applications of how you can incorporate gratefulness in your life.

I started out October with college friends and Pittsburgh. I engaged with a yellow sunny inflatable duck on the river and did some of my own reconnective healing with my Steel City memories. Shortly after returning back home, I started working at Thrive Wellness Center, the only career opportunity that encouraged me to radiate my natural light to the world. I am starting to build a fellowship of intuition seekers and believers for a cause that promotes the benefits of living naturally. And I created an eBook for abundance and love just in time for the Autumn season which it has already received lots of praise and immediate success! I just confirmed today actually that I will be appearing at a spiritual and holistic expo in November! My very first vending opportunity and this adds to my gratitude list!

Gratitude is more than being thankful though. It’s about taking on a deeper attitude of bliss toward life’s changing lessons. We are in a season of death and it’s time to let go of all the wounds, past hurts and old relationships that simply don’t suit our spirit anymore. It’s all excessive baggage that does nothing but hold you down. Change is movement and you can harness the power of great change by grounding your strength in this constant flow. We are evolving beings that are growing, adapting and should understand this motion is applicable down to the single wee atom in all matter. Gratitude appreciates change.

A gratitude dosage

You can condition yourself with the art of gratitude by keeping a constant flowing list of things that energetically express gratitude in your world. One method is to keep a gratitude journal under your pillow, at your desk or on your computer. HappyRambles, is an online website dedicated to your gratitude needs and you can privately collect the things you are grateful for every day! I haven’t used this resource before, but it came to me in sychronicity on Facebook today while writing this post.

Challenge yourself to working with the element of gratitude in this 30-day course that Soul Path Tribe founder, Lyn Thurman created! I have worked through this course before my spiritual advancement and can say that it was a great introduction to the art of living a blissfully thankful life. I should do the course again to improve on my daily awareness!

A final application on gratitude is to survey other people about what makes them grateful and identify the top reoccurring themes that come through your research. What does this say about gratitude in our culture of being human?

Final words

Appreciating what you have in the now is more insightful than regretting your losses because you never did have that person, place or thing to start with, it was just a change of character, scenery or object on this grand stage called life.

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