A Happy Place: Walmart…Or is it?

We all enjoy our shopping experiences at Walmart, mostly because it is a one stop deal for the majority of people. But depending on our mood at that time or maybe how we woke up that day, there is no telling what may go on at a Walmart store.

Heather Ellis only a college student in 2007 was accused of resisting arrest, assaulting police officers, and disturbing the peace for allegedly pushing other consumer items aside while cutting in line, as well as kicking police escorts.

This past Wednesday, Ellis had her felony trial.

Police Officers, Employees, and customers seem to have the same story, but Ellis is left alone as she and her cousin perceived something different that winter night.

Ellis and her cousin went to Walmart to pick up a few items for her mother, so instead of making a quick shop a long wait, Ellis and her 15 year old cousin decide to split lines. Seeing that her cousin’s line was moving faster, Ellis grabbed her stuff and cut the line with her cousin in it.

Reading the CNN article, I began to feel confused and notice someĀ  obvious gray area. There is video footage of the line and someone swiping their hand across and moving the previous items off to the side and replacing them with their own. As well as footage of the police escorting Ellis outside and confrontation in the parking lot.

Interesting, but reading further, Ellis starts yelling loudy and so here is where the motives of racism comes into to play.

The customers in back of Ellis’ cousin, must have been white because according to the article there are only 13% of the population that are African American and Hispanic. So the majority of people are white based on this statistic.

So, is this case a racial issue or is it an issue of manners and respect.

It could very well be both. There is still some racial stereotyping going on everywhere, sad really, that people must judge because of color, but it is slowly fading away. It takes time for things to heal, but as for Heather Ellis, she is continuing her fight for justice.

So who is right or wrong?

Both are.

I was not there, so I can’t make claims, but based on what I see, if stories are true, then Ellis is wrong for being loud and profane and the police officers are wrong for making the situation worse. How? Well for using force and having at least five officers to try and fix the issue. No wonder tension was high, 5 to 1 ratio.

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