A color lesson in emotions, family ties + dream interpretation


In my dream last night, I was carrying my brother’s dog through a flooded house. My father comes from upstairs and asks if I was going to keep trying to get to the front door. A gateway to the outside world now submerged under leagues of water made me feel overwhelmed. Reason got the best of me and now in water up to my neck, I swam back to high ground.

In my head and heart, I wanted to save her from the dog brawl shown to me moments before the flood. Other pups were killing children, but when Bailey would approach a child, it would laugh at her face. Her eyes swollen with sadness and I could see her discouraged about her place in the fight. So without delay, I stole her from the death ring and made it through the flooded house holding onto her collar when I needed to maneuver us around walls and ceilings.

When my father approached me swimming bravely, I felt questioned. Doubting my own intentions and creating pools of disbelief as I wadded through my indecision. When is saving, caring and repeating harmful situations too much? How do you know when you should back away from a fight peacefully?

All week, I’ve been flooded with emotions, rage, sadness and excitement all natural to my personal human experience. Today’s color energy is reflective of how I can overcome my obstacles and who needs my help the most right now.

Mauve answers how I can overcome my current obstacles by activating my abilities to be emotionally flexible. This week, I apologized for my lashing out on a local yoga studio for excluding me because I am a man and not a woman. It just so happens I had the privilege to meet the leader of the program two nights ago at a wine and tarot event hosted by another area yoga studio. Small world this Northeast area seems to feel – but I am not uprooted in anyway. I have a strong sense of value and principle so I am not concerned over the situation because it’s now in the past. However, if I did experience my life the way I had then this week would have projected me into another cycle of apathy and cowardliness. Emotional flexibility means you are able to hear clearly your intuition or consciousness and set your ego’s emotions to the side for a peaceful vision of the world.

Allow your moral responsibilities to shine brighter than your ego’s wishes.

The other two colors, Memory and Fawn indicate who needs my help right now. It’s my family and I am not surprised that this came to answer my question. Currently, I am helping to encourage my step-mother to take better care of herself and my flexibility in being emotionally excited for her is what I can do to help her keep inspired. I am realizing that my emotions are central to my family’s success. Even so my social engagements in all capacities thrive on my emotional connections.

I must remain vulnerable and use my gift of empathy to leave lasting and loving impressions.

People may forget superficial attributes of you but they will always remember how you made them feel. So with that I believe in order to live the life my soul deserves then I need to accept and trust every moment. In romantic relations, I need not let fear amplify what really isn’t there because it does nothing to me but keep me in a state of schizophrenia. Like those paranoid women depicted in Lifetime movies. Oh. My. God. It’s annoying how much of our media and entertainment is centrally focused on fear mongering.

But I am not trying to save the whole world!

Just save myself first, family second and then see what happens when the time comes.

Until next time <3 :star: and :mrgreen:


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