A backyard photo shoot with Lilith

 booty photoThis month’s guiding Goddess in the Soul Path Tribe is the legendary and fearsome female of ancient biblical days, Lilith. She chose not to succumb to Adam’s dominance and her story shaded with demonic value is what our society has left. (Or so it seems.)

Lilith’s story reveals precision and class in times of passionate (sometimes sexual) authority.

As synchronicity would be, I started watching Game of Thrones: season one. The amount of sex and gore in it is entertaining to say the least, but of course devout Christians would frown upon the risqué and grim aspects invading the air waves. Oh well.

April’s theme that Lilith brings to the table is all about authenticity. To me this says we need to live equally in our light and our shadow. It surely makes you question yourself and your faith because to be authentic must mean the energy you project and experience is nothing less than real. Of course we like a strong honest connection to our identity, worth and everlasting faith to experience true peace but it may cause conflict with others that choose to express their identity, worth and faith differently. (This would be the color of diversity.)

But, we must not confuse authenticity with right and wrong. I learned this as I took monochromatic photos in my backyard today. The last time I expressed myself so intently with black & white photography was a couple of years ago in Scotland.

I miss the UK.

When I take colorless photos that appear in rich white, elegant black and varied shades of grey, there is no pressure in doing it right or wrong. No colors to divert my consciousness, just abstractions of the seeing world play with my artistic eye. An inner knowing is conveyed through the shapes, sizes and movement captured within the photograph.

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As I reflected with each scene and pondered by the koi fish, I asked myself what does it mean to be authentically me in this moment. I realized that I very much so appreciate the finer aspects of life but equally fear that which makes me happy. I’ve been in a turbulent wind tunnel the past few days trying to catch my breath because of this month’s calendar being so jam-packed with amazing things like a LIVE radio appearance, attending my first rock & gem show and keeping up with the awesomely sexy color club. Going outside and soaking up the renewing sun eased these anxious feelings, I’ve been holding back and of course taking lovely backyard photos in honor of Lilith offered me time to spend with the goddess energy.

There is balance and peace already here, and it’s in our best interest to seize it with as much authenticity as possible. Cutting away the colors that distract us can help us see the world in its fundamental structure and true form. Black and white are still colors. It’s just that by graceful design one absorbs all the colors and the other reflects them back into the universe.

A natural union of give and take if you ask me.

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2 thoughts on “A backyard photo shoot with Lilith

  1. Beautiful. And, this is the second time today Lilith was spoken about – I love Lilith – as I intentionally shifted energy last month, I channeled her, Sedna and Kali. Maybe it’s time to bring her back!

  2. Beautiful.

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