Strengthening your intuition requires a level of trust in yourself and your spiritual journey. Here are 9 ways you’ll know you’re ready for The Color Mage Oracle even if you only read tarot.

I started reading tarot cards in college. I walked into Barnes and Noble and bought my first card deck. Gasp. I found out after the fact from a few die-hard tarot readers that was a no-no. Whoops. It’s been 9 years and my third eye is still intact – so this leads me to the first sign.

1 . Your wand chooses you

Although gifting spiritual tools like card decks and crystals is a norm in the metaphysical world, I do love it when brave people take an initiative on their own soul path. Everyone’s road to self-actualization is unique to them, so being gifted a tool is great. But it’s not so much about you finding the magic wand, but more about the wand choosing you. Sound familiar? 11″ long, made of holly with a phoenix feather core, anyone?  When the color deck appears on your path, it’s choosing you (gift or not).

2 . You read cards professionally

Doubling your card reading income happens when you add a juicy layer of color on top. This isn’t greed, it’s more energy and intuition bandwidth you’re using while downloading divine messages. If you’re already reading cards professionally but struggling to offer more of your intuition to others, adding color to your readings expands that psychic portfolio and allowing more prosperity in your pocket.

3 . You love learning through visual, aural, verbal and physical experiences

Life didn’t come with a textbook. But through living life, we’re able to learn and program our brains. If you love to learn through associations then color is a great way to tap into intuitive messages via pictures, sounds, words, and touch beyond your card reading.  Color evokes feelings and emotions through a multisensory human experience. Yes, you can learn to love again.

4 . You want to feel better

Because color reveals moods and emotions, it’s also a powerful tool to help you live more vibrantly true to you and your feelings. I’ve read people’s colors and every time they feel more authentic about their place in this world. That’s pure magic. I created this color therapy deck to help every single one of us feel closer to source energy. When we live colorfully, we speak our true language of light and feel better about ourselves in this world.

5 . You’re kinda religious but kinda spiritual

Not everyone feels comfortable with tarot because it’s believed to be Devil’s worship and evil. A perk of color is that it’s so widespread and universal that it’s custom to your own belief system. So if you’re not super religious but a hint of spiritual than using the color deck daily to connect to your own spirituality (religious or not) makes it easier to share with your family and friends without judgment.

6 . You love options and variety

A huge aspect of this color deck is that it’s not your basic colors. There are a variety of reds, oranges, yellows, greens, pinks, purples, neutrals, and combinations to pick from. These options help you not feel stuck in darker or lighter only frequencies. Each card is a special formula of light and dark to communicate a message to you. If there were only basic colors in the world, we’d have a very limited way to describe our reality and feelings.

7 . You’re unblocking the chakras

Color therapy is fun when you learn about the chakra system. The Color Mage Oracle is structured in a way that follows the chakras. As each chakra represents energy flow in our life, career, and relationships so too does the colors in this deck. This is a great tool for yoga teachers and reiki masters to offer their students a unique take away to inspire insight before or after a session.

8 . You need creative inspiration

I’ve seen designers and crafters use the color deck to revive their artistic expression after burn out. Not feeling inspired? You can shuffle the cards letting the colors inspire and guide you to create new works of art. I have a friend who uses the color deck in their classroom to prompt writing assignments and encourage more emotional connections between the lines.

9 . You don’t need someone telling you what to think and feel

My favorite way to tell if someone is ready for my color deck is if they can’t stand being told what to think or feel. There’s no book that comes with the deck. I do give a video training and a cheat sheet to gently nudge the intuition, but I never act as a substitute for your divine powers. I trust wholeheartedly in this deck and believe you have the power to change your life forever, you don’t need me telling you what to think and feel. But sometimes we get inside a pickle jar and it’s helpful to have some guidance to pick us out of our own miserable ego.

Which of these resonated the most with you? That could tell you a lot if you’re really ready for The Color Mage Oracle. Tarot or not.

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