Changes to theme causes festive rage

New Month. New Theme. tumblr?

As the seasons change, my emotions and feelings change. So I decided to change the theme on my daily blog called Bernard Reveals. This Tumblr site consists of all of my daily thoughts and ramblings in my oh so busy schedule. I love Tumblr because it acts like a blog but also it sort of acts like Twitter besides the fact that you are able to connect your Twitter account as well as your Facebook account to the site I am able to send everything to Tumblr from my phone. And no–I do not have an iPhone. So Tumblr for me acts like a convenient way to post stuff there from a basic cell phone and yes I know you can do the same for Twitter and Facebook, but why not send it to one place (Tumblr) and then have all your Tumblr posts automatically loaded to your Twitter and Facebook. Kill 5,000 birds with one stone. Okay before PETA yells, I am not seriously killing birds.

Yes, I decided to change my “Rubber Cement” theme to “Royal Cameleon” and it was just so easy. So now the feel of my Tumblr is actually quite festive for the Fall season.

Tumblr is free and really quite easy to use and most of my friends have one because most Tumblr pages are thematic and capture their specific interests. There are pages that are about animals, humor, weird things, healthy lifestyles, and so much more!

All of these categories are listed in the Tumblr Directory and you as a Tumblr user after creating your own blog will be able to follow your favorite people and get their most recent posts in your dashboard.  Along with these categories you can email Tumblr requesting to be listed under these categories and they will check your request to list in the directory.

Popularity goes along way!

Speaking of popularity, people can recommend your Tumblr page every week under categories, but before recommending the preferred page the recommenders must agree that page meets the recommendation category.  I have in my page for people to recommend me for inspiration and personality and before you click that recommend button the person agrees that
bernardthinks is a blog of inspiring things and I understand that if it blatantly isn’t, my account may be suspended.¬† ūüôĀ


bernardthinks is awesome, and I’m not just saying that, and I understand that if it blatantly isn’t, my account may be suspended.¬† ūüôĀ
Now, of course we all believe that my page is inspiring and a page of personality, so you should have no problem with your account being suspended. ¬†I have recommended my friend’s pages before, and I still have my account still. SO I must do a great job, or the suspension claim is just to scare you away.¬† After crossing over that barrier of possible suspension, the recommenders¬†can also add some stickers to his or her recommendation to make that page stand out.¬† BUT the sad catch is, you have to pay to get a sticker. That should not stop you since Tumblr needs to pay their bills too! This isn’t free for snips and sniggles people!
Amazing isn’t it? Well, like I said earlier, you can publish your posts to Twitter and Facebook through Tumblr and all of these goodies are listed under the conveniently titled “Goodies” tab! You can post by email and phone and even embed your Tumblr blog to another website. Or you can do what I like to do and post by using the Tumblr website.

Ready to post?

When you have your page all set up and you are so excited to actually post; Tumblr offers even more variety and styles for your posts. You may post by text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio, and video.¬† Seriously, what else could you possibly post that doesn’t fall under one of these categories.


When adding a text post, you have a title space available as well as your body section to fill in, but you can also add images and html codes to dazzle it up even further.


When posting that awesome birthday party pic, tumblr allows you to upload it from your computer or you can upload the pic from a URL address.¬† If you don’t have a photo you want to upload and want to be spontaneous, Tumblr allows you to take the photo ¬†with your computer webcam. If you want your pic to be linkable and have the readers redirected to another link other than that post then you are free to set that up also.

Everything Else to Post

Pretty much all the other categories are uniquely displayed in the same way, yet Tumblr just made posting super easy to do!


Something new and absolutely needed, I think is the “content source” box in the side toolbar when posting. Because this allows the poster to offer a link where he or she retrieved the content¬†and give the source of that posted material credit. We do not want people stealing our work do we now!
The page where the content quoted in this post was originally published (if relevant)
People are able to follow others, recommend their favorites, and even cite their sources what a great and user-friendly system. Tumblr is really simple and so easy to use, not to mention that there are more in-depth tools and details that have yet to be discussed. I just covered some of the key highlights. Well, I guess changing a simple theme can certainly bring about a conversation.

Happy October 1st everyone!

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