7 ways to fatten your life abundantly using Mardi Gras colors


We live in a society where scarcity rides our mental landscapes like the black plague.

Magic is believed to be only for kids.

Color is feared.

Right now you can break free from self-limiting beliefs and proudly put some skin in the game! Be courageous!

Last night, I attended the most awesome business webinar ever and it reawakened a dormant beast that rested inside me. I got excited for my life purpose to stop noticing everything I don’t have and be grateful for what I do have – color.

On call, we were prepped with writing out our perfect day and what stood out to me was the absence of what I hinge my current life on and that is – scarcity. I complain about my bare boned bank account not allowing me to travel to see people I adore and my dusty prosperity altars (I have two – one for me and one for others) that get cranky when I feel resentful and impatient with the biz-evolution.

During the process though of writing out my perfect day seeing, feeling and believing as the imaginary sun floods my city apartment that I share with a future husband. It dawned on me that I had no money fears, I was not alone and all was well.

I want to feel justice, faith and power with my life.

Traditional colors of Mardi Gras are Purple, Green and Gold. Generally speaking these colors together produce an atmosphere of indulgence, laughs and merriment. But each hue lays down the ultimate foundation for you as an energetic being to experience guiltless satisfaction for abundance – and indulge in your personal Nirvana.

We all have the permission to conjure with color.

Jesters stroll the town with careless admiration for joy.

Fools leap toward love with faithful passion.

Wisecrackers smile for no reason.

Ah, the season of our natural abundance is starting rise and bloom. Spring is just around the corner waiting to take over this northeast valley. I feel it in the fabric of our existence by the trees stretching their bark and my motivation to infuse light into my life with the elixirs of justice, faith and power.

I believe color is the vehicle of expression and mindfulness is the fuel.

  1. Create a spiritual mandala using only purple, green and gold to meditate on your perfect abundance today
  2. Register for my free color webinar: Nirvana
  3. Paint your nails in either or all purple, green and gold while imagining your perfect day
  4. Add amethyst, malachite and citrine crystals to your meditation ritual
  5. Purchase from small businesses to fatten local abundance
  6. Add purple, green and gold socks to your wardrobe to step into justice, faith and power
  7. Read this book by Brene Brown to overcome scarcity

Until next time <3 :star: and :mrgreen:


p.s. Do you have color questions that need spiritual answers? Send an owl to be featured in my color advice column called Dear Color Mage.

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