5 Easy Exercises to Strengthen your Intuitive Connection

By Reba White

Most of us as children grow up being taught that visions, dreams, spiritual messages, spiritual visitors, etc, stem from our over active imagination and have no real meaning; they are brushed off as nothing of real consequence. Moreover, if you grew up in a Christian-based household or were exposed to Christian-based teachings, you also grew up being taught that such things were evil. As a result, our natural abilities have been smothered and locked away, and/or replaced with fear, or shoved aside as a figment of our imagination, including our intuition.

It is unfortunate that what was once welcomed as gifts, and in some cases revered, have been replaced with fear and negativity. It seems to me that in some cases, we have moved backwards rather than forward on the evolutionary path.

Intuition can be described as knowing, sometimes it can include hearing, seeing, or feeling as well. Intuition is your sixth sense; it’s your Higher Self communicating to you. For a long time, I blew this communication off as my inner self-talk. I had a hard time accepting or believing that these messages were anything but ego; however I am learning more and more to accept these as real messages from the divine.

Your Higher Self is your direct link to the divine (God/dess, Universe, Spirit, whatever your belief), and these intuitive thoughts, visions, etc, are the real deal! I know, amazing, right? The easiest way to recognize a message from the divine, is to listen to the tone as well as the words and/or meaning. Messages from the divine are loved based and encouraging; they assist you in solving problems, answer questions, and sometimes bring you communication from a deceased loved one. These messages are kind and gentle; even the tone of the voice is gentle, loving, and for your higher good, totally different from your self-talk.

It might be difficult to accept in the beginning, because it goes against all the programming that has been crammed down your throat over the years, but think about it: generally when you find yourself speaking self-talk to yourself, what kind of things do you say? Does your self-talk lean towards the judgmental type talk, i.e. derogatory, demeaning, condescending judgmental talk? Does it include statements containing I should haves, could haves, would haves, and what ifs? Is the tone harsh? Does the message make you second guess yourself?

If you are having difficulty recognizing intuitive messages, or if you would like to strengthen your ability, you can use the following exercises to help you strengthen your connection to the divine:

#1 Breathing and Grounding

Breath is essential to your connection with the divine; it grounds you. Take several deep cleansing breaths in, and slow steady exhales. Release all the tension on your exhales; blow it all out; visualize all the tension and all negativity leaving your body with each exhale, and repeat until you feel relaxed and in the moment. Visualize a clear bright beam of light coming down from the heavens and entering the crown of your head, flowing down your entire body and out of the base of your spine, deep into the earth, connecting you to both the heavens and the Earth. Continue to breathe.

#2 Positive Affirmations

When we use positive affirmations, we assist Spirit as well as strengthen our soul, enabling us to receive clear messages. Use your positive affirmations with your breath, i.e. “I am safe and protected. I am connected to my Higher Self. I am open to receive all messages for my higher good. I am willing and able to receive right now.”

#3 Visualization

Visualize a third eye in your forehead between your eyes, now see this third eye open its lid. Visualize the details of this eye; what does it look like, what color is it, how long are the lashes, etc. You can add an affirmation here as well: “My third eye is fully open now. I see the truth clearly right now.”

#4 Chakra Clearing

Your chakras are the energy centers of your body; if one or more chakra is blocked, you will experience blockages in these specific areas of your life as well. You have seven main chakras:

Root Chakra (base of spine/Color: Red/ Survival, Stability, Independence, etc)

Sacral Chakra (between your pelvis and belly button/Color: Orange/Abundance, Well-being, Pleasure, Sexuality)

Solar Plexus Chakra (upper abdomen between your rib cage and belly button/Color: Yellow/ Confidence, Self-control)

Heart Chakra (center of your chest/Color: Green/Love, Joy, Inner Peace)

Throat Chakra (throat/Color: Light Blue/Communication, self-expression, truth)

Third Eye Chakra (forehead, between the eyes/Color: Indigo/Intuition, wisdom)

Crown Chakra (the top of your head/Color: Violet/Connection to deity, spirituality)

To balance and/or clear your chakras: (1) Begin with exercise #1 Breathe and Ground, then begin with visualizing the Root Chakra as a red ball near the base of your spine. See a glowing healing ball of light hovering over the red ball, now see the healing light merge with the red ball until it is a clear, bright, glowing ball of red light. Repeat this exercise with each Chakra working your way up to your crown. Once all your chakras are clear glowing bright balls of light, visualize your entire body surrounded in healing white light like a cocoon. See your chakras glowing, and healthy. See your connection to the heavens and the earth, know that you are safe, and just breathe. When you are ready, open your eyes and go about your day.

#5 Practice Hearing, Seeing, Feeling

Close your eyes, breathe and ground, then practice hearing, seeing, and feeling with your aura. Your aura is your body’s energy field. Visualize your aura. What color is it? The first color that you see is the best way to see your aura at that particular time. Visualize your aura expand and notice any what you see, what you can feel, and hear. It’s ok if you don’t get results right away; that’s normal. The more you practice, the easier it becomes. I am currently in the seeing phase; I can close my eyes and see the things around me, but I am not able to feel. I have on occasion been able to hear though, so just keep practicing.

I personally have been working on strengthening my intuition for several years; it feels like forever, and honestly, even though I have made progress, there have been times that I have gotten discouraged. I have to remind myself that (1) everyone is different and learns at a different pace (2) wherever I am at right now, is exactly where I am supposed to be at this present time according to my current lifetime. When the time is right, I will receive. It is a matter of divine timing, so don’t give up. Have faith and keep moving forward!

More about today’s featured guest

reba white photo positive warfareReba White determined to continue learning and growing, she turned towards positive affirmations, self-help books, guided meditations and spiritual studies. Today she’s more determined, independent, and positive than ever, and as a walking, talking example, she reaches out to encourage others, and says “Change is possible! You have the power within yourself to change your life, just keep pushing forward. You can do it!”

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/PositiveWarfare

BONUS: Crystals for the chakra centers

Root (Hematite/Garnet)
Sacral (Orange Calcite, Carnelian)
Solar Plexus (Citrine, Yellow Jasper)
Heart (Rose Quartz, Watermelon Tourmaline, Green Adventurine)
Throat (Sodalite, Blue Kyanite, Blue Calcite)
Third Eye (Lapis Lazuli, Azurite, Sugilite)
Crown (Amethyst, White Calcite, White Topaz)
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  1. I feel your love in every word. We share the thought of empowering others. Thanks for your article, I am reblogging it on my site: http://www.thegobetween.wordpress.com Blessings…Melissa Leath

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    Reba White has some powerful and down to earth information that can help you recognize your intuition. Her exercises are beneficial and should be explored. I know you will find some encouragement from her article.

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    Amazingly written! Many of our friends definitely need to read about this. Thank you for sharing this article with us! 🙂 Many blessings!!

  4. Excellent article. About #5, I have trouble seeing it, but i can always feel my own energy field and often times others, i can pull it close and expand it out (almost) at will. But i’m empathic, so it’s something i use daily to ‘read’ people. Recently I’ve been practicing pushing out my energy to ‘soothe’ people, (usually cranky guests at the restaurant) I’ve been getting positive results (less cranky as their visit continues) I have an idea that its a soft pink love energy that i’m emitting at those times but i don’t actually see it.

  5. I really enjoyed your post! I am walking a similar path and also want to add to the voices encouraging global awakening. I am so happy to meet another being who is as dedicated to connecting with our natural divinity 🙂 I felt like this was a good review of what techniques I already use and the last one made me think about new ways I can do work with my intuition. Namaste and keep up the great posts!

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  7. Hi Reba,

    You make a great point with positive affirmation that most people miss. Use your positive affirmations with your breath.

    The breath allow you to tap into the subconscious, this is where all our memories are stored. If you do not get into the subconscious then it will not work.

    Great other points in this article, nicely done.

    Be well,

    1. Thank you Sam! 🙂

  8. amazing!!!

    1. Thank you Rose 🙂

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