Everyone wants to be a superhero when they grow up, right?




The benefits of being a sexy hero could go on forever. With great power comes great responsibility so it’s my duty to tell you that through color therapy your approach to living that invincible, strong or popular relationship is possible. Like words, thoughts and those Andrew Christian undies you’re drooling over – color is energy.

Color makes us feel a certain way. It physically changes how we experience the temperature of a newly designed room or perceive our OkCupid meetups. The blue shirt or the green long sleeve tonight? Choices are endless in your gay little microcosm and there’s a whole rainbow to take your gayness to the next level. I took the four legendary personality types of research done by Dr. Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist at Rutgers University and splashed it with some color to help you better understand yourself and your man.

How you implement these superhero color schemes in your life depends on you of course but it doesn’t hurt to read this so you can master your color energy or you can always get one of these to look deeper You may like to raise the bar by creating art for your love or plan the night out in the color scheme that best represents you. Girl, go ahead and derobe with these color schemes!

gay personality type the explorer

The one that knows everyone and everything to do in the city. This color scheme boosts positivity, confidence, and a clear distinction of not having any strings attached. Do you think Flash could run around the world freely with any ties to one particular place? I didn’t think so. Cutting loose ends and letting life rip is the extremist energy of the Explorer. They tend to seek excitement, discover new ideas, meet new people and put strange theories into practice. They are very independent people who don’t particularly look for advice or guidance. Caution to the wind is their motto. In tarot, the best card to represent this theme is The Fool. Biologically speaking these colors increase metabolism and dopamine (a natural chemical to have a good time). Explorers are very likeable people with generous and happy attitudes. They have a playful nature and can be very sensual. This color combo makes it super easy to allow pleasure to be the most rewarding experience. Unpredictability and hard to rely upon, they are not prone to routine and can’t stand boredom all too well. Their impatience can make them selfish companions as they don’t generally bend themselves to anyone’s rules. Friend: The Builder / Foe: The Director

Crystals for The Explorer – red jasper, clear quartz and citrine

gay personality type the director

A man who dominates lyric and word. A monochromatic scale of color suits the traits of the director because there is a color for every feeling known to man. This color scheme works on different degrees of coldness and calculated impressions of the world. Micromanaging every detail in order to succeed can make them overly confident, which can result in arrogance. Their preciseness and punctuality can seem uncompromising and their forthrightness rude. Directors engage in theoretical ways of thinking, are not afraid to come up with new ideas and are fulfilled by working their way to their solutions. Even if means they have to make unpopular decisions and dangerous ones don’t stop them. This Romeo of the dark night is most alive at night. He thrives on mental inquisitiveness and is best represented by the suit of swords in traditional tarot. Like Batman, most of his darkness and isolation originates in his childhood. If you can intuitively tap into his joy as a child than perhaps you’ll find a silver lining in his 50 shades of gray. Friend: The Intuitive / Foe: The Builder

Crystals for The Director – lapis lazuli, apatite and smokey quartz

gay personality type the builder

The family man – keep in mind I didn’t say guy! I personally despise the popular-for-no-reason show Family Guy but somehow it continues to capture minds everywhere. Tsk tsk. Anyway, the Builder’s color scheme falls on the primary ideals of what it means to be a superhero. Sensible, loyal and strong these are the ingredients to become super-man! Finding socialization to be a breeze and quick to sweep people off their feet, these men are loyal to their friends and family. Cared immensely by their community makes them at all the right functions and with all the right people. The bandwagon advocate for gay rights or “straight-acting” politician hiding relentlessly in the closet, Mr. Popular though a great family centered individual and grandiose morale has a weakness that even the most pragmatic can’t quite dodge. The kryptonite to this hero is jealousy and with a quick flip of the switch this cool, calm and collected man turns into a hostile guy. Friend: The Explorer / Foe: The Director

Crystals for The Builder – yellow topaz, sodalite and ruby

gay personality type the negotiator

I changed the name of this type because well intuitive sounds so much better than a Priceline commercial. The intuitive or the negotiator color scheme works as a balance of all worlds. Flexibility, introspection and creativity are the superpowers of Aquaman. Ruled by intuition and empathy this man is ideal for anyone because he operates on multiple dimensions at the same time. All around deep, funny and considerate fellow. Being able to instinctively know what others are thinking and feeling while projecting agreeable vibes. However don’t automatically assume he will bend to your will willingly, you’ll need to be equally vulnerable and compassionate to resonate with his body, mind and soul. You want to touch his trident, don’t you? Their spineless nature for knowing exactly what’s going on in any given situation can often lead them to performing secretly behind your back like jerking off in the shower or planning a surprise birthday party for you! But you have to understand that pleasure in any situation for them comes and goes like the tide. It’s best to go with the flow and be authentic, friendly and diplomatic or you’ll find yourself on the outside of the hurricane’s eye. Versatility and androgyny are a couple of balanced attributes empowered by the intuitive. Friend: All / Foe: All

Crystals for The Intuitive/ Negotiator – moss agate, angelite and carnelian

Did you totally resonate with these schemes? I would love to work with you more and coach you on how to implement color, crystals and chakras effectively in your life get a private reading with me or start following me on Facebook + Instagram. I don’t bite hard promise.



  1. Oh Bernard! The Builder resonated so deeply with me. As a Scorpio, my birth stone is Topaz and you’re so absolutely spot on. The description fits me perfectly with a touch of the Intuitive. I’m absolutely in awe of your connection with colors & circumstances always! Sending so much love & hugs to You <3

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