3 sexy life lessons while making my first gem tree

You know I thought I had it all down with crystals and using them for any purpose and reason until I went to my rock club’s annual mineral show!

That was a blast by the way.

The energy was light and fun, perfect for a family outing. Lots of coloring to be had! Anyhoo, there was a workshop that called to me and it was a free instructional on how to make your own gem tree. Instead of turning down an opportunity that I would have done earlier to my spiritual evolution, I smiled and let out a big hell yeah let’s do it!

So, an acquaintance of mine led me down the pious staircase (the show was held at the Oblates of St. Joseph) and we sat in a stale cell waiting for the instructor. One side of the room was for crystal pendants and the opposite half was for gem tree making. I chose a tree thinking it would be more beautiful.

The man who taught both curriculums was an inquisitive fellow. A bit abrupt and calculated. 9 strands of wire each 15 inches long. Must hold with your left and turn with your right. The pressure sent me in observation mode. As for the guy who sat next to me with his magenta fedora, he was cracking jokes to lighten the moody air that this archaic professor of wire magic summoned into the space.

This is what my project space looked like when I finished my (eyeball…shhh) measurements and half turns:

how to make a gem tree photo

I knew rather immediately this was no ordinary elementary setting. We all were adults being led by another adult with more years under the belt, but what exactly do we learn from precise execution? Must we follow the rules exactly? This is where diversity meets creative life-force and I began to meditate while I made my ruby-red tree out of malleable matter.

Knowing your role

I believe the first lesson I learned¬†during this class was the timeless wisdom of being¬†flexible. Go with the flow…Release control, any new age coach I am sure sends out these reminders. But it’s true! ¬†I may have goofed on turns and whatnot when it came to the wire but I continued. Just accepted it for what it was and moved on. At one point, I de-looped one particular wire strand that was giving me troubles and shortly after my comeback, my acquaintance told me to never undo while working with wire. She has made gem trees before and does wire wrapping for jewelry regularly. ¬†Her soft approach in telling me what to do was¬†easier to digest. But not everyone is like that so you must will your energy to be¬†flexible. Knowing your role in any given situation helps keep the energy flowing. If someone is leading and you choose to follow then that’s what you shall do in that precise moment. If someone is giving you room to speak then you must seize the moment and become the speaker.

Same goes for listening.

Showing genuine support

Although the instructor was a drill sergeant¬†of sorts when it came to turning, looping, glueing and creating your crystal art, he did manage to tap into the¬†intuition of the moment in order to feel out who was capable of flying solo and who needed some reassurance.¬†¬†A woman struggled to create her pendant for most of the class but surprisingly there was enough patience given to her by the leader. He eventually relinquished control a bit after dealing with her. She never did reach the point of independent self-satisfaction, but sometimes the hard forces of how people present things and themselves can shake, rumble and dislodge people’s centeredness. When this happens supporting one another gives hope and love. I was not there to laugh at her struggle or break up this frantic energy that fizzled and splattered the milky white walls. I unleashed empathy and woven together the energy into my gem tree. I chose blue calcite to awaken this empathy and allow peace and calm through expression + authority to manifest¬†wherever this tree may sit.

No matter your role or lack of support, you have a choice

What struck me as odd and I must express it – the instructor commented on my voice being quite feminine at the end of class while we finished glueing our crystal pieces to the trees. He asked me what my name was and I told him: Bernard. Then he questioned whether “Bernard” was a feminine name. I ignored this snide asshole. My immediate impressions of this guy was that he is pretty dry and barren. Scientist of sorts and everything in life has a calculated measurement. And I accepted this facet of him, if that was all but no it wasn’t all, he just had to speak. When it came to inquiring about my energy – my being – not fitting the commonly accepted¬†status quo, I turned the energy meter¬†off. I was done feeding vampirism. My whole pre-teen life¬†was a venture for people to poke¬†and prod at me because I didn’t match their preconceived notions. ¬†I am free to choose my reality and so I made no eye contact or reply to his shallow comments, instead I meditated inside my mind. ¬†Either he is a closeted gay person¬†that missed his chance on expressing the fun side of living¬†or he is so narrow-minded that it simply befuddled him as to why my high-pitched voice doesn’t match my germanic¬†birth name. No matter the reason, the lesson here is choosing¬†when to give away your power and when to take it back.

Life is what you make.

my first gem tree photo

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