3 secrets to facing my fears with color

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“The enemy is fear. We think it is hate; but, it is fear.” – Mahatma Gandhi

My whole life I have been battling a good fight.


The word is chained by horror, terror and panic.

And all we seem to do as an evolving species is avoid, ignore and resist. We choose to give away our light – our love to fear and for what cost?

If man did not rise above tyranny and fight then would we be enjoying this delightful digital age? Would we not be aware of freedoms that every man is entitled to because he or she and everything in between was simply given a chance to live – to breathe.

Along this rainbow road of magic and glitter I must tell you that as a color psychic, it’s no easy task to be vulnerable and take a plunge into a wasteland filled by graysome worries and dark illusions.

Your wounds are mine to feel because we are a team and we are truly in this fight against fear together. Here are a few key secrets I’ve discovered about facing my own fears and how color was my friend through it all.

Like a crackling flame, I had to realize:

I am a powerful source of magic and energy.

To have so much power inside of me unleashed fears of inadequacy. In Disney’s Frozen where Elsa that powerful little girl not being able to control her cool – well that was me! I had no choice in my gifts of reading color but that’s what I am supposed to do and the color red gave me permission to play with my inner fires. I bought red pants for myself and started meditating with red jasper regularly to keep the momentum of feeling empowered going. Red is a mobilizing color that alerts, reacts and warms. Now, I am easily attracted to red because I’ve aligned myself willingly to this color’s vibration.

I am allowed to feel confident.

In school, I have been picked on and ridiculed for my natural vigorous tendencies. Always vibrating well with the teachers and older students. Never truly fitting in with peers around my own age. A major aspect of my color journey started when I ventured to an art museum and fell in love with my infamous orange scarf. On some level this scarf reminds me of my creativity but it scores big time in the sexuality department – more so identifying confidently as a gay individual. I was harassed throughout middle school and presently deal with nonsense on YouTube about my identity. Somehow people continue to project fear onto me and orange helps me to deal with bigotry. Since welcoming the scarf to my seasonal attire, orange has been my favorite color.  If you crave some confidence turn to orange for it will encourage to be all of you, nevermind those haters!

I am love and compassion.

Omnia Vincit Amor. The primary mission and purpose that I use to face fears with my relationships is having faith that love conquers all. In all my travels, I have met many kind-hearted and equally mean-spirited people but with each interaction I am poised to learn that love in any circumstance has something to do with it. I believe that it’s quite serendipitous to meet anyone that offers you a smile or tells you that you’re too young to be reading people’s energy. I have this unwavering concept of what love means and it comes loud and clear through the color pink. This color isn’t about girly toys or beauty products tailored to females it’s primary purpose is to embrace the triumph over fear. Mothers fear for their children and cancer patients fear for their life, pink is a brilliant ray that taps into the deepest knowing that we has a human being could possibly possess. The power of compassion.

These have been the most enlightening experiences I have had with color and I welcome you to join me in a 4 week color study dedicated to fear called The Dark Horse Study. This is great if you are having a hard time honoring your own power, feeling courageous in new life situations or expressing compassion for yourself and others. It’s not designed to overcome fear immediately but I do hope it gives you the opportunity to take colorful baby steps in a mindful direction!

Until next time love, light and color 


bernard charles color psychic photoI am a registered metaphysician of the World Metaphysical Association and actively use my intuitive abilities to manifest and unleash authentic potential. I perform intuitive card readings by working with color energy to see clearly into any life situation for the highest good. As a means to survive as a postgraduate, I used my certification in crystal healing to become an openly gay spiritual practitioner in a very religious hometown and promptly expanded my path to be certified in meditation and law of attraction. I’ve been featured in Soul & Spirit, The Soul Path Magazine + New Age News. I am a strong believer that love conquers all and magic is simply there for the taking.

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25 thoughts on “3 secrets to facing my fears with color

  1. I like your fresh approach. I enjoyed it.

  2. Hi Bernard! I love your post! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and how color has helped you to transform. I am not a fan of red, in fact is a color I do want to be around. However, through your words and energy, I can see how this is a color I need to bring into my life and learn from! Thank you so much 🙂

  3. I LOVE your energy and color and everything you’re about! So glad I found you! Would love to make a coffee date to meet you.

  4. I LOVE what you are saying about the color pink, that is a very powerful color for me and your writing rang so true for me. Can’t wait to read more…

  5. This is amazing! I recently gave a talk on color and encouraged everyone to position color as something that could teach us something about ourselves, as opposed to me standing up there and telling them what colors mean or do. The call to action was to pick a color you “hate”, wear it for a day, pay close attention to how you feel and then document it on instagram and share your experiences.

    My “hated” color was purple. After wearing it for a day, it still is, though it has started creeping into my latest painting. Thoughts for me on purple?

    xx jessica

    1. Jessica that’s precisely my calling, I think it would wise of you and I to get together over Skype and discuss your path with the color purple and others that might be affecting your energy. 🙂

  6. My favorite parts are addressing fear, and “I am a powerful source of magic and energy.” As a Reiki Master/ Teacher I hold the beliefs that everything is “Energy”.

  7. Beautifully written!

  8. “I am a powerful source of magic and energy” – I totally feel in sync with all of this and just this weekend I actually did man up to saying to myself that I do have a lot of power.

    Thank you for your insights, you are magnificent and I am thankful that you are sharing so much. You have a natural grace in story telling and piecing together your experiences.

    1. I blank out when people ask me “so, what’s your story” I have no where and everywhere to begin! I am thankful to have you share this space with me!

  9. I’m fascinated to learn more about the power of colours after reading this Bernard, I’ve always felt that orange was a powerful colour and have been wearing it more and more lately. Thank you!

    1. I hope you stick around and find out more!

  10. Ohh beautifully put — “The primary mission and purpose that I use to face fears with my relationships is having faith that love conquers all.” We tend to give too much power, this is a beautiful statement to rightsize fear!

    1. Thank you for commenting! There’s lots of beauty in color and in fear.

  11. Until next time love, light and color! I love that 🙂 — ain’t nothing wrong with oozing with sparkle and leaving a glitter trail when you show up in the world. I LOVE color! Thanks for sharing your brilliance.

    1. You’re welcome! Ooze that sparkle!

  12. I always say red is powerful, bold and a confidence building color! That’s why I wear red heels and named my blog after them 🙂 Thanks for sharing your personal color story! Love your website header, btw! 🙂

    1. Red heels are sexy! Well, thank you the header is of the color deck I use for all my readings.

  13. beautifully written and this has given me a completely different perspective of fear and of colour. The feather image is gorgeous too ❤️

    1. hey thanks Rebecca, it would be neat to have you join the dark Horse study though! Mind-unleashing starts on the Full Moon!

  14. You are pretty amazing… love how you’ve pulled this info together for me, made it so so clear!

    1. Clarity is my forte as I keep my intuition my best friend!

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