I woke up this morning from an odd dream that needs interpretation. Often the settings of our dreams represent the moods and themes of how we see society and what we want to think of the world, our family, friends, and what lovers expect of us. Dreams host our intentions, hidden agendas, and desires in an effort to remember vibration and protect ourselves. Our brain catalogs our real life world (you sitting on the couch) and recalls our projected worlds (you assuming shit about the world from the media on your couch). This is why you dream about that YouTuber or celebrity you never met. The brain is malleable. It believes what your ego and higher self chooses and the egos and higher selves of others (like corporations). And for an entire lifetime you’re experiencing a multi-universe fuckfest of thoughts, feelings and situations where a hot mess of ego and higher selves clash into one another on the dance floor. A projection pissing contest if you will. Yet in all the chaos, you can use color psychology to decode meaning and discover deeper truths about yourself and the world you didn’t see before.

Again color psychology isn’t one size fits all. There are varying degrees in which the interplay between light and dark effects one’s psyche. We perceive and judge everything with a spectrum of awareness. So a specific shade of red might not illicit anger under the circumstances or conditions. In dreams, oversimplifying color symbolism, isn’t the fullest or deepest way to approach decoding what they mean and what they mean specific to your dreams. Because once you see the color in your dream and get a loose oversimplified meaning, what do you do with that knowledge? Often we interpret dreams only to validate our feelings or suspicions. And not all dreams are prophetic, but intra-realities used to trick your brain into dealing with fears or traumas so you can feel some sense of control and expectation in the waking world.

Once we feel gratified in our sleep sleuthing we move on. Consciously deciding to forget and hope life fixes itself with us removed from the repercussions. No one likes to get dirty. The sleeping sand wears off quickly. Some dreams change everything in a scenario but one or two objects, ideas or characters remain intact. These are things we hold onto as anchors so we don’t drown inside our chaotic unconsciousness and lose ourselves in what we don’t know. Colors inside dreams do a little more than coat our emotions, they communicate how well your chakras are doing, reveal emotional states embedded within your memories, health of your aura, and even help you time-travel.

Let’s explore color and lucid dreaming.

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